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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Black Teen Killed on His Birthday an Hour After Posting on FB That He Was Glad to Have Made It to 17

Armond Latimore, fatally shot on his birthday

17-year old Armond Latimore, fatally shot on his birthday

St. Louis, MO — Armond Latimore, a Black teen who had just turned 17-years old, was killed after being shot in the head barely an hour after he posted how glad he was that he made it to see his 17th birthday. Rumors about his death are spreading, but his family claims that he is a good kid.

The incident happened about 1 p.m. last Saturday on Latimore’s birthday on outside Bing Lau restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri. He was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Authorities are still investigating.

His mother, Chandra Payne, said she received a call that her son had been shot minutes after buying an ice cream to go with her son’s birthday cake.

Payne said that after the shooting, she found a paper he wrote for school on his dresser. Latimore, a sophomore at Vashon High School, apparently wrote about a bully who kept on harassing him. His family wasn’t aware of that before.

Moreover, previous posts from Latimore’s Facebook account shows a photo of him holding a lot of cash and another holding a gun which has spurred rumors from social media users. His mother, however, claims that both the money and the gun didn’t belong to his son. She added that her son was a good kid.

“He was always a helping-hand child,” she told St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “He would cut grass, wash your car or sell water. He loved music and loved money and always made it the right way.”

No arrests have yet been made in connection with the shooting and investigations are still on-going.