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Monday, July 17, 2017

Talk Show Guest, Asia Schmidt, Faces a Tarantula While She Teaches Over 2 Billion Viewers to Live Fearless on “The Tim and Brelyn Show”

Asia Schmidt on The Tim and Brelyn Show

Author and belief therapy expert, Asia Schmidt, was recently featured on “The Tim and Brelyn Show

Raleigh, NC — On the heels of her recently released memoir, Cry. Exhale. Heal: A Journey to Inner Healing, author Asia Schmidt, a highly sought expert in the field of belief therapy, recently tackled the topic of fears on The Word Network helping billions across the globe deal with phobias. Sitting within arms distance across from a tarantula, Schmidt gracefully not only talked-it-out but walked-it-out. With poise and a steady voice she explained, not only why but how we can immediately conquer our fears and live our best lives!

Schmidt has risen in popularity and notoriety, her sincere desire to help sufferers by redefining their purpose in life has resonated across the globe. Her book, Cry. Exhale. Heal: A Journey to Inner Healing is a motivating, inspiring and hope filled memoir for everyone suffering from fear, depression and anxiety triggered by life transitions. Schmidt reflects on the totality of fear, “We all have what could be perceived as a tarantula in our life; that is something we fear based on what we believe about the situation or what we have allowed others to speak into our lives about the situation triggering fear.”

Schmidt along with Grammy Nominated singer Tim Bowman Jr. and the shows co-host Breylyn Bowman courageously explore a life without fear on “The Tim and Brelyn Show” airing every Saturday at 1:30 p.m. on The Word Network.

Check out Schmidt’s live appearance:

In addition to appearing on “The Tim and Brelyn Show,” Schmidt is passionate about her work and offers one-on-one support and life-coaching via Skype for clients around the world. Schmidt has written, Cry. Exhale. Heal: A Journey to Inner Healing and is currently booking interviews, talk show appearances and speaking engagements and wowing audiences with her no-nonsense approach to healing and wholeness.


About Asia Schmidt
Asia Schmidt is a licensed clinical addiction specialist associate, certified relationship coach and a certified belief therapist. She has developed a Body Image curriculum for female adolescents for Innovative Therapy & Consulting; recently published her first memoir Cry. Exhale. Heal: A Journey to Inner Healing, and previously published Our Family Journal: From Generation to Generation, a family journal book for parents. She is a featured writer on relationships for Diamond Diva Magazine and is a highly-sought speaker who addresses topics ranging from faith and women’s empowerment to inner healing. She focuses on holistic health and ways to nourish the mind, body and spirit to help individuals attain their full potential. For more detail, visit www.asiaschmidt.com


The Schmidt Group

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