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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Black Foot Specialist is Now a Mobile Nail Tech Because of COVID-19 Nursing Home Restrictions

Quan, owner of Phenomenal Phalanges

Nationwide — The pandemic has adjusted our lives in various ways. Many have succumbed to the results of the loss of jobs and are being forced to rapidly change their career paths. This was no different for Quan, owner of Phenomenal Phalanges in Atlanta.

Quan aspired to work in nursing homes with the elderly assisting with feet related issues caused by diabetes and other illnesses. When COVID prevented her from visiting nursing homes, Quan’s swift thinking pivoted her into mobile nail care where her transferable skills have helped her corner an untapped market.

Quan isn’t your average nail tech. She has acquired intel from working in nail shops and she uses the information to help others. According to Quan, most nail salons do not follow safety and sanitary protocols. Her medical training taught her that all clients can’t soak in water, especially those that have diabetes. The normal nail salon doesn’t cater to the customers’ health issues and could cause major damage to someone without knowing their medical background. Not only is Quan highly knowledgeable in proper nail salon operations, but she also does pedicures. Many independent nail techs shy away from feet but that is one of Quan’s strengths.

Phenomenal Phalanges is located in metro Atlanta and she enjoys navigating the city to serve her clients inside and outside the perimeter. Her services include real gel and SNS manicures along with her signature “no soak” pedicure. Phenomenal phalanges no soak pedicures ensure your feet can be examined properly and helps identify hard skin and problem areas easier. Quan is COVID-19 safe and wears masks during her services.

To book an appointment, call (470) 236-2457 or book your appointment online today. Also, follow the brand on Instagram @Phenomenal_Phalanges