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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Atlanta Teen Who Received Controversial Heart Transplant Dies After Police Chase

Anthony Stokes

Atlanta, GA — 17-year old Anthony Stokes, who received a much-needed heart transplant back in 2013, has died after he reportedly stole a car and crashed it while being chased by police.

Stokes initially was denied the heart transplant because of his low grades in school and his history of trouble with the law. However, his story sparked outrage when it went viral on the internet. As a result, the hospital quickly reversed its decision and gave him priority on the transplant list.

But just two years later, after he received a transplant, Stokes let everyone down. He returned to his life of crime, and lost his life because of it.

Police say he died after a stolen vehicle he was driving jumped a curb, hit a pedestrian and collided with a pole in a car chase with police. The pedestrian was hospitalized for her injuries, but Stokes’ car was nearly split in half by the sign. He reported had to be cut out of the car by first responders, and was rushed to a hospital where he later died.

Even worse, Stokes is a suspect in a burglary which involved an 81-year old woman. He allegedly broke into her home and fired a gun at her, but did not shoot her.