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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Pregnant Mother Shot and Killed While Shielding Her 3-Year Old Son During Argument

Auriel Callaway, pregnant mother killed

Auriel Callaway with her 3-year old son, Mason

Athens, GA — Auriel Callaway, a 24-year old mother who was 4 months pregnant, died after being hit by a stray bullet while trying to move her 3-year old son to a safe place during a fight that had broken out. 27-year old Kiresa Cooper has been arrested and charged in connection with the killing.

According to a police report, a group of kids were arguing at an apartment complex in Athens, Georgia until adults got involved and someone started firing shots.

Callaway, an innocent bystander, was running toward her apartment with her 3-year old son, Mason, to get away from the fight when she was hit by a bullet. She collapsed near her apartment.

Callaway was taken to the hospital where she and her unborn child was pronounced dead. Mason, however, was not hurt.

Athens-Clarke County Police have since arrested Kiresa Cooper who was charged with aggravated assault and felony murder. Cooper could face more charges as the investigation continues, police said.

“I cannot think of a more tragic circumstance than for an innocent young mother to be gunned down in front of her residence while her young child looked on,” Athens-Clarke County Police Chief Cleveland Lee Spruill told WSB-TV.

The police are also looking to arrest others that are involved in the fight because more than one person was shooting, as they have seen in a cellphone video of the incident.