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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Colorado Police Handcuff Black Mom and 4 Kids After Mistaking Their Vehicle For a Stolen Motorcycle

Black family detained by Aurora Police over mistaken stolen vehicle

Nationwide — Police officers in Aurora, Colorado are under fire for detaining and handcuffing an African American mother and her four children after mistaking their SUV for a stolen motorcycle from another state.

The five of them were pulled over, forced out of the vehicle with weapons drawn, and handcuffed while lying on the ground in a parking lot at a local shopping center.

Fortunately, witnesses began to gather around the commotion and at least one of them filmed the incident with her cell phone.

“That makes me very mad, because I am not anti-police. I’m anti what happened yesterday, and that was ridiculous,” one witness told The Denver Channel.

It turns out it was indeed all just one big mistake. Not only was the vehicle that the family was driving not stolen, but it also turned out that they should have been looking for a stolen motorcycle with the same plate from another state.

After the officers realized their mistake, the family was uncuffed. However, according to bystanders, more officers continued to arrive on the scene. Video footage shows more than 10 police officers standing around the traumatized family.

The family says they feel humiliated, and plan to file a lawsuit.