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Sunday, June 30, 2019

International Author, Alyce Holmes, Releases New Black Romance Novel Collection

Alyce Holmes

Author Alyce Holmes and her newest books

Nationwide — International best-selling author and playwright, Alyce Holmes writes both mainstream and Afro-American novels of romance, mystery, betrayal, lust, greed and suspense. Ms. Holmes is a native New Yorker who moved south in 1976. Currently, she resides in Montgomery, Alabama.

Her source of inspiration came from her mother, Maxie Rene Holmes, who gave unyielding encouragement and support. She passed prior to the publication of Holmes’ first book. The Yellow Rose was her favorite flower and that logo can be found gracing every dedication page as the author’s gift of love and respect to her mother’s memory.

“She was my motivation and my most ardent critic,” Alyce said. “She pushed me to describe settings with enough visual image to allow the story to play in the reader’s mind like a movie. The male leads would be handsome and established men. However, more realism would be added to make them flawed. They might have hidden secrets and mysterious agendas. Most of all, I wanted the female leads to be independent, strong-willed thinkers, business owners and leaders in industry. They are driven by their professions, well-educated and cultured,” she added. “From this key perspective, I write for today’s woman of sophistication and that became my Yellow Rose motto.”

Holmes’ stories are told not only from the viewpoint of the female leads, but the male leads and other secondary characters to learn what drives and motivates them. Hopefully, this helps gain a greater understanding of all the characters, making reading the books a much more fulfilling experience. “All this was due to my mother’s influence. I will never stop fulfilling her vision.”

Look for the special linking activities between characters and story settings that will be woven throughout a sixteen novel series. Please visit her website: AlyceHolmesBooks.com to purchase a paperback of the current titles: Destiny Voyage, 2006; Power that Binds, 2008; Spellbound, 2010; Devil’s Delight, 2014; Halfway to Heaven, 2016 and Best Served Cold, 2018 or email: Alyceholmesbooks@gmail.com.


Look forward to Forbidden Fruit coming in the fall of 2019.


Alyce will be embarking on an animated children’s collection called The Little Birdie Told Me. This will be a fifty-one book series of two children who follow a little, blue bird as their guide, mentor and teacher when they travel to the capital cities of all fifty states and Washington D.C. The children will learn about the people, lifestyles, cultures and famous landmarks of each state.


Ebony Lights Productions, Inc. is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that was founded by Alyce Holmes in 2018. It will be headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama and produce stage plays and movies written by Ms. Holmes, as well as, young, aspiring authors in the surrounding area. The Board of Directors and Ebony Ambassadors will give assistance in discovering young talent from the inner cities to act on stage as performing artists, dancers, singers, musicians, comedic talent and much more. An Ebony YouTube channel will feature the company’s movies and mini-series. Long range plans include an Ebony youth division that will be geared strictly toward young people between the ages of five to fourteen to perform on stage and work behind the scenes. “I’m very exciting about all the possibilities that will stem from this,” Alyce said. “We hope to establish other programs from our parent company and go as far as we can. This is only the beginning.”


Alice Holmes-Ford aka Alyce Holmes