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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Black Author Releases 2 New Books and Creates Wrimagination – A New Outlet For African American Writers

Andre Boyce of Wrimagination

Caricature of author Andre Boyce, and his two book covers

Decatur, GA — A new publishing company called Wrimagination has opened its doors, and is proud to introduce writer Andre Boyce – an African American author specializing in mystery, humor, and young adult fiction.

His first book is a mystery titled The Mystery Next Door. It is the story of Lindsey Lame, a new resident of Lithonia, Georgia. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, she finally clears customs on Friday, and school starts Monday. Her adjustment period is nil. Sunday night, there’s a major storm, which knocks out all the neighborhood power, and Lindsey possibly sees a murder next door.

The second book The Butler Did It is a spoof of classic mysteries. The rules for whodunits are changed forever. Dick Privates and Sonny Moon are stepping into the pantheon of investigators. Their methods aren’t usual and rarely legal, but the ends will justify the means. Their only problems are being chased by the cops, convicting the wrong people, and each other.

Both books are available on Amazon.com

About Wrimagination
Wrimagination is the combination of written and imagination. The company slogan is “Wrimagination… is what you want it to be.” Located in Decatur, Ga., Wrimagination specializes in publishing general fiction, mystery, humor, young adult, urban, and romance. Readers welcome! For more details, visit www.wrimagination.com


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