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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Author Jordan Rivers Develops Innovative Marketing Tool to Expand Reach and Press For Other Black Authors

Jordan Rivers, founder of Turn the Pages

Nationwide — At a time where families have had the opportunity to be together more in the last two years, routines and structure have saved many households from chaos. There’s nothing quite like a great book that presents a perfect moment to connect with your child or student. With such a broad selection of different plots and categories to choose from, the initial reaction is to pick a book that looks enjoyable. Books are the entryway into introducing your child to the world. These authors intend to bring families together through their works of literature and create a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. However, what makes a real book great is how it resonates with the reader.

More often than not, self-published authors have a difficult time reaching their audience and are unable to share their wonderful work with those who would best relate to the content in their books. Author and screenwriter Jordan Rivers has taken note over the years of this particular narrative and how it has affected the Black community. While her career has had many milestones and accomplishments throughout the years, she wanted to place focus on assisting other back authors and get them the recognition they deserve in their craft. Instead of creating a one-stop solution, she opted to curate a non-profit called Turn the Pages that allows access to a free marketing tool to help them build an audience and be showcased accordingly for their work.

In the writing industry, it can be challenging to get seen and build a foundation that cultivates a community of readers. As its own form of unique criticism, reviews can provide excellent visibility and amplify your reach to your targeted audience. A good amount of positive feedback on a particular book can change its trajectory of sales and even the future of an author’s career. With this understanding, Jordan Rivers aims to shift this for BIPOC authors in an effort to encourage readers to “turn the pages” on the incredible stories they share. Through genuine customized video book reviews, Rivers is changing the way we choose books to benefit both the author and the reader. By taking part, in Turn the Pages, authors have the opportunity to get noticed and be respected in their fields. Now more than ever, representation is vital, especially when it comes to children’s literature. The impact authors have on the Black community is pivotal, and these books tell necessary stories that can influence bravery, future entrepreneurship, self-love, and so much more.

Literature written by Black authors accurately depicts Black people in everyday experiences. Compared to other races, being able to relate to the characters in your book holds a substantial amount of weight for Black children. Having a plethora of options to choose from is what encourages reading and essentially the necessary vocabulary skills needed to excel academically. Best of all, these unique book reviews will also come with projects and critical thinking tools that will align with the educational curriculum based on that book’s reading level. Turn the Pages wants nothing more than for authors and readers to reach their fullest potential and make strides in reading.

For more information on Turn the Pages and to include your book in this transformational opportunity, please visit TurnThePages.org

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