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Monday, April 9, 2018

Bestselling Author Releases ‘Personal Credit Awareness’ Book for High School and College Students

Bestselling Author/ Shady FICO CEO - Juan Anderson, MHA

Bestselling Author/ Shady FICO CEO – Juan Anderson, MHA

Nationwide — Seasoned adults must do better helping prepare late teens and early adults for the real world. They have no idea how important personal credit is, why they shouldn’t take the big refund checks in college, when to visit urgent care vs the ER or how to appropriately handle a collection agency phone call. Even though it’s not taught as part of most school curriculum or within family discussions, a new quick read may be the answer.

Virtually no public-school system or college campus provides education to teens and young adults on the impact of good credit health and its major role in obtaining financial freedom in America. For many teens entering adulthood (disproportionately of color), there has been no discussion regarding the need for credit at all. Many young adults aren’t introduced to credit until they are persuaded to apply for their first credit card or are approved for their first car-in many cases a bad loan. Many damage their credit before they have a chance to understand how to use it properly. By instilling simple concepts and logic surrounding how credit and financial health work together early on, teens and young adults are better equipped to handle life choices directly impacted by credit, that are just up the road.

There’s always talk about physical, mental & financial health, but no one ever talks to young people about credit health. Good credit health is essential to obtaining many advantages that money alone just can’t buy, such as: low loan rates, reward perks and certain job opportunities. Many people, especially African Americans still have not grasped this concept. “It’s alarming how many people of color feel that credit is unnecessary or some sort of conspiracy in America” explains bestselling author Juan Anderson who is also the CEO/founder of Credit Health Consulting Firm, Shady FICO. “This is one of the major reasons why African Americans have the lowest ranked credit scores of all races in America”.

Shady FICO: The College Years is a quick read that looks to improve the credit consciousness disparity among late teens and young adults by helping to create an understanding of how credit is a major factor in many of life’s everyday circumstances. This “quick book” which can be read within 2 hours, is the prequal to Juan’s Amazon bestseller: How I Fixed My Shady FICO. Both books can be found on Amazon (https://goo.gl/KwjprB) and Shady FICO: The College Years is also available on BN.com. Juan looks to create credit consciousness amongst those beginning their journey into adulthood. He states: “We never talked about credit at school or home, ever. By the time I was 21, I had already filed my first bankruptcy. If I can help others avoid the mistakes I’ve made, my purpose is served.”


About Juan Anderson, MHA & Shady FICO
Shady FICO a registered trademark, is owned and operated under AnderKey, LLC. Founded in late 2017 by Data Analyst & Author Juan Anderson, MHA, Shady FICO uses an innovate business model of incorporating social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (all @shadyfico) to create engagement, education and awareness about good credit health. Overcoming his own shady credit scores, Juan decided to write quick books that show others how to prevent and overcome bad credit situations. Shady FICO quickly evolved to offering local Credit Health Workshops (Columbus, OH) and Credit Health Consultation sessions which include: in-depth credit report analysis and even custom dispute letters to clients nationwide. Shady FICO is not a credit repair company, but believes in the strategic use of guidance, planning and education to empower clients to improve their own credit health and avoid shady credit. For more information on Juan Anderson, MHA and Shady FICO, visit www.shadyfico.com.


Shady FICO

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