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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Author Says Its Okay to Be a Single Black Woman in New Book, “No Thanks”

Keturah Kendrick, author of No Thanks

Keturah Kendrick, author of No Thanks

Nationwide — Keturah Kendrick, the popular new author chronicling the lives of single Black women, is on a mission. Her debut book, No Thanks: Black, Female and Living in the Martyr Free Zone has received popular acclaim and appreciation, living up to the expectations of both readers and critics alike.

Soon after its launch, No Thanks has gone mainstream. The book has been ranked as No. 3 on Pretty Progressive’s Most Relatable Books, and listed as the Sixth Most Empowering Book and reviewed in Watch Jaro. Keturah also got a mention in Black Ruby Mag.

No Thanks chronicles the challenges and reflections of a single Black woman, with no children, and considering the world as her home. The essays, sharp and witty, have brought the issue of singlehood to the forefront in the Black community. The essays also reveal the bewildering ways in which Keturah got tagged by others: in Africa she was a ‘crazy American woman’, in Asia, she was ‘too much altogether’, and in the US, not considered the ideal and ‘good Black woman’.

In No Thanks, Keturah emerged as a free woman, living unapologetically, challenging the readers’ conceptions of what it means to be enough for oneself and others. She also reveals the rich experiences of women who are single by choice.

Keturah quotes Zora Neale Hurston when asked about what motivates her: “If you don’t open your mouth, they will kill you and say you enjoyed your own death.” For Keturah, only we can tell our stories, and say, “I was here. I existed in this space and time.”

No Thanks has received mention in Psychology Today and Bustle Magazine, and has been featured on WWL TV’s “Sheba’s Shelf.” Reviews of No Thanks can be found on Psych Central, Single Girls Rock, NeoGriot and Non Parents. Keturah recently moderated a panel, “Shanghai Women Are Smashing the Patriarchy”. She has been featured on the “Be a Force” podcast and on WWL TV’s Great Day Louisiana. Keturah was a guest speaker at the recently held National Black Book Festival, and the Baltimore Book Festival, and was invited to the National Press Club.

Having lived on three continents, Keturah Kendrick presently lives in New York City. She chronicles her life and those of ordinary Black women living extraordinary lives on her cutting-edge podcast, Unchained. Unbothered.

For more details, visit www.KeturahKendrick.com


Keturah Kendrick