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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Author Walter D. Smith Releases Powerful New Book, “Street Soldier: From the Hood to the Good”

Street Soldier by Walter Smith


Nationwide — Having hit the bottom of “rock bottom,” author Walter D. Smith’s book, Street Soldier: From The Hood To The Good, is written on a sixth grade level and paints a literary picture illustrating how bad teenage choices caused him to end up in prison. From the pit of hell; one man’s journey from dope dealing, a $100,000 drug addiction, and robbery in his quest to feed his drug habit, Walter became a suspect for raping three white women.

Guilty and convicted for robbery and wrongfully convicted for rape, Walter was sentenced 84 to 216 years in prison. Mainly through self-education and physical fitness (which creates a strong mind), this former thug was determined to reform himself, prove his innocence, and get out of prison so that he could spearhead a campaign to save our children from bad choices and take care of his mother!

To the pinnacle of redemption, thanks to a local news reporter and DNA testing, Walter walked out of prison after serving 11 years. Immediately pursuing his childhood dream, Walter became a five-time professional bodybuilding champion and has worked with more than 5,000 youth in schools across America.

As if that were not enough of an accomplishment for a former felon, Walter engineered and propelled a unified energy to reduce homicides in his home city of Columbus, Ohio, to its lowest number in 15 years while hosting a weekly radio talk show called Street Soldiers!

Since the autobiography of Malcolm X, there has not been a more compelling written story of a convicted felon’s redemptive reform inspired by faith, courage and purpose.

To learn how Walter stopped brothers from killing each other, how he continues to inspire youth across the nation to not make bad choices, and to learn simple steps to get in great physical shape, contact 25th Dynasty Enterprise at: (614) 570-1906, streetsoldierbook@gmail.com. For more information on this champion and his book, visit his web site at www.walterdsmith.com


Walter D Smith

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