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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Black PhD from the Poorest Part of Jamaica Launches Book Tour to Share Her Story of Survival and Resilence With Women Around the World

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown was once homeless in a third world country, she failed high school as a teenager, and she was recently held up at gunpoint… but she still went on to earn her PhD degree, and has a very powerful story to tell!

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown during a book signing with a fan

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown (left) during a book signing with a fan. From a poverty stricken life in Jamaica, she is now inspiring millions across the globe.

London, UK / Atlanta, GA — Multi-award winning international speaker, author and transformation mindset coach, Dr. Ava Eagle Brown, shares her story of survival and resilience, creating transformation and positively impacting women and girls. The message of perseverance and fortitude, coming from the depths of poverty, incest, rape and abuse, is the story she writes about in her book, The Mango Girl – A Woman’s Story of Resilience and Survival (available on Amazon.com).

The book empowers readers with the understanding that you are not your past and you are stronger than you think. The empowerment project has become a Movement as part of a Global Book Tour through more than 10 international cities across the UK, the Caribbean and the US.

Out of her journey, Dr. Brown has created “Awakening Your Life’s Purpose”, “Purpose Walk” and the “Get Your Book Out of Your Gut” programs with the view of helping others maximize their truest potential and claim their best life. Having shared the stage with Steve Harvey, Lisa Nichols, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Eric Thomas, and more, as well as being featured in the Huffington Post, Financial Times, Hustle and Heart, BBC Radio, and more, she has decided to take the high road and move her message to the masses. She has already saved lives and is determined to save more. She says, “Your background is not a determinant of where you end up. You’re an eagle. It depends on how high you want to soar.”

Dr. Brown is a gifted Jamaican Black woman who survived against unimaginable odds; earning a PhD, surviving failed marriages, raising a family as a single parent, and whose story from the book is being made into a feature length film. In the meantime, her heart’s desire is to reach more to help heal more NOW. As part of this quest, Dr. Brown has launched The Global Empowerment Tour to promote her message of resilience, persistence, self-love, and empowerment around the world, for women, girls, men and boys.

The Tour

While women and girls may become victims, it is being noted that this message is also transforming the lives of men, young and old. Dr. Ava recounts the story of a young Jamaican man who was recently about to pick up a gun which would shift his way of life from one of searching for purpose, to one of crime and inflicting pain on others, or worse. He heard her interview on a local radio rebroadcast, got the book and through the tears of realizing what he was about to do, put down the gun and began a new direction in his life, inviting his friends to join him.

Brown will personally be delivering her signature experiential exercises and trainings to shift mindsets and transform lives. By contributing to The Mango Girl Perseverance and Empowerment Global Book Tour project, you will be helping to heal and empower women and men, young and old, to live happier more successful lives, giving them the tools to contribute, creating more of a sense of confidence, harmony and wellbeing in our communities globally.

For more details about the tour and the book, visit Dr. Brown’s official web site at www.AvaEagleBrown.com or follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/avaeaglebrown


The fundraising campaign

She has created a fundraising campaign to support the project. The campaign will raise a goal of $50,000 and continue to raise funds to reach their stretch goal of $125,000 to complete the tour. The campaign is being run on the FundRazr crowdfunding platform and donations can be made online at www.FundRazr.com/The-Mango-Girl.

Sponsor opportunities are also available and can be seen on the campaign page. In exchange for contributions, the gift books, speaking commitments, book signing events, and more are being offered. Sponsors will realize media attention and more.


What people are saying:

“Thank you, Dr. Ava Eagle Brown, for helping me transition from a life I thought I was destined to live, to a life of personal power and more. I’m a published author and I work with those transitioning out of or are threatened by a lifestyle leading to incarceration. My life has transformed.” — Audreia Joseph, Speaker, Author, Intervention Strategist and Coach

“Wow! What a life! It is such an intimate account I feel I’ve known you for twenty years… I had heart pangs in places throughout your story. I’m sure you’ve shed a quiet tear every time you are on the plane leaving Jamaica. Much love.” — Matthew Binns, Producer, 2Fast 2Furious.


Interview requests:
For interview requests, having Dr. Ava speak, getting more information about the global movement, sponsorship or becoming a host location, please email: info@crowdfundinghacker.org or call 408-758-8868.


V. Lynn Hawkins

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