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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Award-Winning Author Neale Sourna Celebrates Her Growing Catalog of Intriguing African American Books

Novels, game narratives, short stories, nonfiction, and more. Contemporary, historical, , etc.

Neale Sourna

Neale Sourna

Cleveland, OH — Award-winning author Neale Sourna has been writing, editing, and publishing quality fiction and nonfiction since 2002 through her publishing company, PIE: Perception Is Everything. Her publishing company is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but she has books with other publishers too.

Sourna has won narrative Best of Quality awards for novel fiction, PC game narratives, and screenplay writing; starting with her first novel, “Hobble”, which won the Best of Year Award from BlackRefer.com.

Sourna’s style of storytelling includes sensuality, humor, and unique characterizations. She believes that good characters rule the emotional part of the best stories we love, and the characters in her books makes us love, hate, or love and hate them. Sourna’s characters are often “mixed race” or biracial. For example, the exploits of a biracial teen “Tad”, who is in love with his dark-skinned English professor, while another student seeks Tad’s affections, too; or the coming romantic historical adventure tale of “Becca DuMaurier”, a brown-skinned noble born a commoner and living in Charles II’s Restoration Britain of the late 1600s among Black pirates, amorous kings, and revolution.

Sourna’s growing catalog also includes works for game companies, horror tales, a Fran Miller “Sin City”-styled detective tale, and fully original stories for casual women gamers, such as “Heartwild Solitaire”, “The Secret of Margrave Manor”, “Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship”, and more. Plus, Sourna has books about intriguing nonfiction about such things as oral lovemaking.

Sourna wants her readers (including history and literature professors, and their students) to experience love, fear, and the romantic adventure that is life. She comments, “Feeling the fear, love, confusion, and clarity that come with loving ourselves and in loving another is important. Also, it’s important to remember that we of African Descent didn’t just appear in history to be slaves or to invent the Harlem Renaissance or riot in American cities. We have built and lived in great, legendary cities such as Timbuktu, have traveled the world for adventures like others have, and that so many of our grandparents were born as Europeans and Americans because of love, not just rape.”

She continues, “In seeking Black Europeans, they are hard to find. But we do know that Henry VIII in the 1500s had a Black trumpeter entertainer he paid highly, not owned, and that he also had a Black captain of his guard, a fine warrior whom he later knighted and whose descendants became Russian nobility. We also know that the French king in Becca’s time had a Black daughter who became a famous nun, and that a Black man became a great samurai. So, to me, that says let’s write something fresh and exciting!”


About the author
Neale Sourna lives, writes, and publishes from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, USA and is a member of WGA West Games. Learn more at her web site at her personal web site at www.neale-sourna.com or at her publishing company’s web site at www.pie-perceptioniseverything.com


Neale Sourna