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Monday, February 1, 2021

Black Mom Creates Organic, Plant-Based Bath & Body Products Named After Her 3 Daughters

Ayanna Jackson, founder of Arbria Creations, with her daughters

San Leandro, CA — Formulating natural body butters and candles is Ayanna Jackson’s absolute passion. For years, her friends and family were treated to her homemade creations before she decided to follow her dreams and turn her passion into a living. Now, she is the founder and CEO of Arbria Creations, which curates natural homemade & handcrafted bath, body, and home products.

Her company specializes in creating natural body products that are formulated to make your skin glow on the outside while keeping you healthy on the inside. Ayanna comments, “You work hard every day, so you deserve to treat yourself to some love in the form of pure, natural, affordable, and high-quality products.”

She says that her ultimate goal is to empower and encourage her daughters and all women that they can do anything they set their mind to. “You can follow your dreams as an entrepreneur or career woman, all while using beautiful, clean, and natural products on your skin,” she says.

Arbria Creations offers handcrafted vegan, natural bath, body, skincare, and candle products. Each product is handmade using natural and organic ingredients that nourishes your skin and makes your whole body feel good.

Ayanna comments, “My three beautiful daughters were my motivation for taking the plunge. My children had a major influence in the formation of my company and my company’s name. The name, Arbria Creations, is a combination of the names of my three daughters: Arianna, Brianna, and Brittney!”

Arbria Creations was started when she began whipping up concoctions and natural moisturizers in her kitchen to treat her daughters’ sensitive skin, rather than relying on those chemically-laden mass-produced products at her local drugstore. “If there’s one thing that will make you pay attention to the label, it’s having children of your own, because they become your main priority,” she says.

She continues, “I discovered a real love for creating natural products when my friends and family were experiencing positive results after using my products. The feedback from my loved ones, propelled me to bring my products to the market, and ultimately into your hands. I believe everyone deserves to experience luxurious products, that are free from toxins, and are affordable! Arbria Creations products will leave you feeling like the queen you are!”

Ayanna says that she takes real care in selecting only the highest quality ingredients for her customers; the only “guinea pigs” she uses when it comes to product testing are her family members.

Here are some details about a few of her products:

Handcrafted Body Butters & Oils
When your skin craves moisture, give it what it really needs; a rich, creamy, and dreamy confection, like our Body Butters, which will infuse your skin with deep hydration, leaving you glowing naturally & beautifully.

Handcrafted Body Scrubs & Polishes
Looking for body scrubs that are luxurious and leave your skin feeling clean & moisturized? Look no further! We offer a wide offering of Bath Scrubs and Polishes, made with all-natural ingredients.

Handcrafted Facial Serums & Masks
There’s no better way to get your glow on, increase moisture levels for beautiful dewy hydration, and fight the signs of aging, than with our Serums and Clay Masks. Our facial products will leave you beautifully nourished.

Handcrafted Candles
Our handmade candles are made with natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and high-quality fragrances. Give them as a gift, or buy one for yourself. Our candles will leave your favorite space smelling sacred and fresh.

For more details and/or to make a purchase, visit ArbriaCreations.com

For press inquiries, contact Ayanna Jackson at 510-757-8101 or arbriacreations@gmail.com