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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Author of Ten Best-Selling Children’s Books Makes History, Sells Over 100K Copies Worldwide

Ayesha Rodriguez, bestselling author of children's books

Nationwide — Ayesha Rodriguez has grown to become one of the leading authors in the children’s books category, with the author and entrepreneur selling more than 100,000 copies of her books worldwide. She has reached the top 10 on Amazon’s list of best-selling self-esteem and children’s boys and men’s books, and over the years, as a talented diversity author, speaker, and educator, she has stayed true to her commitment to helping children build their self-confidence through her range of products.

Along with the 10 best-selling books that she has authored, Ayesha’s efforts to advocate for representation also include her work as the founder of diversity-affirming clothing and an apparel brand called The Aye Am Collection and more. She is also the founder and president of a non-profit organization, Jayes Legacy, which aims to lessen the early literacy gap by donating books and serving underrepresented children and families through acts of kindness.

“I want to depict us as beautiful, intelligent, loving people. I want you to see my work and be proud of what it represents. Affirming and inspiring our youth to become the greatest versions of themselves is my goal,” said Ayesha.

The global book publishers market has witnessed a series of evolution over the years, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar industry. The children and young adult books market has been a major contributor to the market, with authors creating different types of content to suit the needs of their audience. A report by The Business Research Company put the global children and young adult books market size at $16.88 billion in 2020, with a projection that it will hit $21.95 billion by 2025. However, some names have been able to carve a niche in the industry, as substantiated by the feat achieved by the likes of Ayesha as she seeks to build responsible adults.

Ayesha’s efforts as an author have caught the attention of several stakeholders, featuring in major publications, including The Huffington Post and a plethora of local news outlets. She also boasts of a long list of media hits, becoming the favorite of parents and celebrities in different parts of the world.

Some of the books that have Ayesha in the spotlight include I Am … Positive Affirmations for Brown Boys and I Am…Positive Affirmations for Brown Girls. Others of her popular books are My Brother and I, My Trip to the Eye Doctor, and Beautiful Brown Skin Child — all available in English and Spanish to reach as many kids as possible worldwide. The books are ideal for purchase by parents of children up to eight years old, educators, librarians, schools, child therapists or psychologists, and more.

For more information about Ayesha Rodriguez and her impactful work as an author, entrepreneur, and non-profit president, visit AyeshaRodriguez.com

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