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Monday, August 10, 2015

Author Gary Hill Tells a Hard Charging Tale of Love, Greed and Death in New Book, “Baker’s Will”

Baker's Will by Gary Hill

Bookcover and author, Gary Hill

NationwideBaker’s Will by Gary Hill is a hard charging tale of love, greed and death. It was conceived in the minds of two old men; one black, one white, one a former slave, one a former slaveowner; each steeped in his own past, each unwilling to accept the possibilities of the future; both stubborn as mules. One hundred years later, death would take center stage among the living and hell would be waiting in the wings.

The book’s main character, Michael Evans, is a former heavyweight boxing champion turned New York City police detective who finds himself embedded in a web of violence and deceit. His family is murdered and he nearly loses his own life to the wrath of a 100-year old will.

Laura Sanders is a lawyer fresh out of law school. She had always been unlucky at love until she met Michael Evans. Together, they would experience a world gone mad and death would land on their doorstep. But true love has it’s own reward and out of their collective despair would come a new beginning with new hopes and new dreams.

Elizabeth Baker, on the other hand, is the Matriarch of the Baker Clan. Her hatred of Michael Evans and the threat of change would prove to be her life’s greatest challenge. The legacies of the past and the realities of the future was too much for her and in the end, she lost it all.

About the Book:
Baker’s Will
By Gary Hill
ISBN: 978-1942901310
Publisher: Green Ivy
Available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com as a hardcover, softcover and e-book.


Gary Hill