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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Powerful Book on Mentoring by Barbara A. Perkins Features Amazing Real-Life Short Stories From 47 Contributors

Magic Mentoring By Barbara A. Perkins

Bookcover and author, Barbara A. Perkins

Los Angeles, CA — In recognition of Black History Month, Barbara A. Perkins, releases The Magic of Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom, a collection of short stories written by 47 Pearls (contributors) who believe as she that mentoring is the key to success for young people today.

Perkins comments, “Every child deserves to be mentored. Every child deserves to feel protected and nurtured. Every child deserves to feel that they have a chance at doing and being something great in life. Sadly, this is not our reality.”

In planning and researching for this book, Perkins learned that a 16 inch necklace requires 47 matching pearls. She discovered that expert pearl processors culls 10,000 pearls to find 47 that are considered a match. It is a highly specialized skill to find matching pearls for one strand. There are many types of pearls, however Perkins, the originator selected the Tahitian Pearl or the Black Pearl as it is most often called. The Tahitian Pearl is a rainbow of colors which make them a prized possession with additional qualities such as luster, pure surface, clean and without blemishes, great shape and perfect size.

The 47 Pearls (contributors) of The Magic of Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom are a match as they are rare individuals living their lives in service and following their heart and passion for our most prized possessions, our children. They each share their personal journeys on how their lives were changed for the better because of mentoring. The Pearls know firsthand about the overwhelming need to find perfect matches for children in cities across this nation in need of all the benefits that positive mentoring will bring to their lives.

Jacqueline Castillo, President of Legacy Ladies, Inc., recognizes her Mom as being her first mentor “Mother was that consistent role model in my life. ‘You can be anything you want to be, just put your mind to it.’ Those were the words I heard in my home while growing up. She was my mentor then and at 93 years old, she continues to hold that special place in my life.”

“Without the presence of a mentor, I would be traveling through life with no compass. I believe that God has given me mentors to reveal His perfect plan for me, and to encourage me when I feel less than worthy,” shares Ebonee Rice, Associate Director, International Black Women Public Policy Institute.

“As a Senior Vice President for a major bank, I’ve made mentorship a cornerstone of leadership development. The mentor’s job is to help the mentee understand where they should go, where they can go, and then how to get there. The mentor plays a critical role in helping the mentee cross the bridge from information to knowledge and the meaning of things begins to emerge,” states Darrell Brown, Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank.

The Magic of Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom is further enhanced by an inspirational foreword by Dr. George C. Fraser, nationally known speaker, entrepreneur and author of national best selling book, Success Runs in Our Race expresses that, “personal experience as both a mentor and mentee brings me to firmly believe that the presence of a caring adult in a young person’s life increases self-esteem, strengthens relationships with peers, improves academic performance, and helps prevent school drop-out.”

Willa Robinson, CEO and publisher of Knowledge Power Books, who is the publisher of The Magic of Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom says, “I find that these short personal narratives are amazing. I feel honored to be one of the Pearls. I believe readers will be amazed as well and if they are not a mentor, will ask the questions, why am I not a mentor and how do I begin to mentor?”

About the Originator and Co-Author:
Barbara A. Perkins has been a Life Coach in private practice since January, 2000. Her background includes leadership in higher education administration and instruction, and more than two decades as a leader in nonprofit management. She is a well-known inspirational speaker, author of four books, and has been awarded numerous awards and recognition for her work on national, state and local boards of directors. Barbara holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California, where she served as an adjunct instructor for six years. She is continuing her educational goals of earning a Ph.D. from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband of 30 years, retired fire captain, Stanley Perkins. They have two adult children, Kelsey Perkins and son Cody Perkins.

About the Book:
The Magic of Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom
Publication Date: January 19, 2015
Trade paperback; $18.95; 224 pages; ISBN: 978-09907199-9-1
Available at www.Amazon.com and www.knowledgepowerbooks.com


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Knowledge Power Books is an independent book publishing company, located in Valencia, California and was launched in 2010 by former newspaper advertising executive, Willa Robinson. Knowledge Power Books’ mission is to publish quality and positive books that educate, inspire and motivate children, young adults, and adults to take positive actions and become productive forces in our society.