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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Husband and Wife Team Create DiverseBook App… “For a Society Where Everyone Needs a Feeling of Togetherness”

Barkee and Shawnetta Faust, founders of DiverseBook

Hunterville, NC — Husband and wife team, Barkee and Shawnetta Faust, have launched DiverseBook – a Black-owned social media site that was created in a society where everyone needs a feeling of togetherness. Both have a background in small business ownership as well as internet entrepreneurship, they have a seasoned perspective on how to organize and succeed while delivering quality customer service.

As the owners of multiple businesses, such as Faithful Moving & Storage and Dependable Movers, they both love helping people plan, optimize, and launch new business ideas and adventures. Barkee has spent most of his career in the transportation and warehousing industry where he has served as a warehouse manager as well as a branch manager in operational positions learning everything there is to know about the logistics of running a business. Rapid and sustainable user growth is their passion.

Shawnetta has spent many years of her career in the hospitality industry as well as business management. She has spent the majority of her career gaining experiences in areas such as negotiation, comparative market analysis, cultural awareness, communication skills, teamwork skills, multitasking skills, problem-solving skills, internet entrepreneurship, and customer service skills. According to Shawnetta, “above all else, the one thing that can make or break any industry is your ability to meet customer expectations.”


About Diverse Book:

Barkee and Shawnetta boastfully feel that DiverseBook will be a life-changing product and our desire is to get it into the hands of millions of people. They say that assisting others with empowerment provides them with enormous gratification”.

At DiverseBook, everyone is given the opportunity to express themselves and connect with friends and family. DiverseBook is about helping people do more than just share information about themselves. It’s an approach that allows people to better themselves while sharing their journey with other people. Connecting others to their friends and family will only be one portion of DiverseBook.

This platform will allow its users to advertise their business in the business directory, feature their business, increase customer interaction on their business website, improve customer retention, and is a revenue-generating platform for business owners. It will also spotlight property listings for real estate agents to post their properties that are for rent/sale.

Additional cool features included will be the ability to see who has viewed your profile. There is a matchmaking section that allows you to find “like-minded people” who share some of your same interests. It can match profiles and show matching percentages on the profile. There is a classified section that allows others to post, review, and view ads and items for sale. This feature will be nice for the ones wanting to sell their products. Those products can be featured as well as sponsored by the Black community.

Being able to see others succeed in life is what their mission is with DiverseBook and that is why there is a resume publishing section for the ones looking for work; as well as a job posting listing for employers searching for employees. This tool will allow the employer to pull resumes they find interesting and contact the user directly while managing your organization’s hiring process.

They also have an Indeed merger that allows our users to get the latest jobs from indeed.com. All jobs posted by employers can automatically be linked through Indeed. There are so many great features with this, and all the features are surrounded by gathering people from all different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities (diverseness) who can come on one platform and get a lot of the tools they would normally have to go to multiple platforms to do.

DiverseBook will have everything for you! From a simple recipe, which you’ll be able to find in the recipe section, or create brand awareness in the stores’ section, where companies can increase their sales while being able to keep their customers engaged through social commerce activities; there is nothing DiverseBook will not be able to offer that assists with empowering others to be successful.

Again, it is a life-changing product that should allow that feeling of togetherness while engaging in the platform.

For more information on this new and innovative app, please visit DiverseBook.com. Because it’s also an app, its available at Google Play as well as Apple ios. The name on both platforms is DiverseBook.


Shawnetta Faust