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Monday, January 9, 2023

67-Year-Old Black Author of 30 Books Releases New Trilogy Series to Pitch to Netflix and Other Streaming Services

Becky DeWitt

Nationwide — Meet Becky DeWitt, a veteran author from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who has written over 30 books about trials and tribulations from the ordinary everyday perspective. Now at 67 years old, she is not slowing down. She is so confident about her newest trilogy series, Contempt, Reasons, and Sabotage, that she is already preparing to pitch it to Netflix and Hulu, and has even enrolled as a student in the Film and Television Essentials program at NYU to learn about the streaming business.

Contempt, Reasons, and Sabotage is the journey of the twists and turns of life, taking toil, leaving one in devastation. Only the arrival of a miracle just in time changes everything. Readers experience a maze of mystery and intrigue capturing one’s fascination.

The Contempt Series will keep the readers on the edge of suspense for the shocking surprise. The character and sibling connections involve murder, suicide, deception, deliverance, and salvation.

There is always an underlying secret that comes from the past. The series is filled with the questions of who, what, when, where, and how. All three are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle in English and now Spanish.

About the author

Becky DeWitt writes from experiences and encounters of daily living and has been an inspirational writer for more than twenty years. All of her 30-plus books about trials and tribulations from the ordinary everyday perspective are available on Amazon.

Even more, a library of her inspirational writings can be found online at www.authorsden.com/beckydewitt.

The vision of her company, Blood Drop Inheritance Group, is to pen those words of inspiration and revelation from the throne room for all generations. Her official website as an author is www.bdig-beckydewitt.org

For press inquiries, send an email to sarebj189@msn.com or bloodropinheritance@gmail.com or call 843-997-9845