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Friday, May 15, 2020

Black Woman Dies From COVID-19 Two Weeks After a Man Coughed and Spit on Her

Belly Mujinga, Black woman who died from COVID-19 after being coughed and spat on

London — Belly Mujinga, a 47-year old Black woman who was working as a railway ticket officer in London, has died from coronavirus after a man who claimed to be infected reportedly coughed and spit on her.

On March 22, Mujinga and another worker at Govia Thameslink Railway in London were assaulted by the man who apparently infected her with the virus, according to Mujinga’s union, the Transport Salaried Staff Association.

Both workers began feeling sick a few days after. Mujinga, who had an underlying respiratory illness, was hospitalized and put on ventilator 11 days after the alleged assault.

Mujinga eventually died on April 5. She was survived by her husband and an 11-year old daughter.

The incident wouldn’t have happened if Mujinga was transferred to work inside the building as she “begged to,” said the union. They added Mujinga wasn’t provided with personal protective equipment when she was working outside on the concourse.

Meanwhile, the railway company is cooperating with the police with the investigation, passing on the surveillance footage of the incident.

“We will always investigate any report of assault thoroughly when we receive it, and it’s vital for us to establish the full circumstances behind this incident,” British Transport Police Detective Chief Inspector Sam Blackburn said in a statement. “We are conducting extensive enquiries to help us do so, including exploring possible CCTV opportunities and speaking to key witnesses.”