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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Best of Both Curls Event to Address Common Stereotypes and Misconceptions About Natural Hair

The event, to be held in Orlando, Florida, will feature a natural hair show, a skate party, and an opportunity to connect with vendors who sell Black-owned natural hair care products.

Best of Both Curls event

Attendees from previous events

Nationwide — My Fluffy Puffs and For Wavers Only will kick off the fall season with their seminal event, The Best of Both Curls 2.0, in Orlando, Florida, October 11 and October 13, 2019.

The festivities launch with a Wavy Skate Party for teens and adults on, October 11, 6pm to 9pm, at Astro Skate Rink, 866 S. Goldenrod Rd., Orlando, FL 32822. On October 13, from 1pm to 5pm, the dynamic weekend concludes with an exclusive pop-up shop at the Hub925, 7594 W. Sand Lake Rd., Orlando, Florida 32819.

Naturals, wavers, vendors and small businesses will enjoy empowering moments of fellowship and networking. Along with direct access to a thriving community, attendees will witness product demonstrations and innovative techniques. The goal of the event is to establish a positive movement for young Black women and men united by hair culture, regardless of their respective self-care practices.

Best of Both Curls was created by Steve, owner of For Wavers Only Apparel, a sportswear line that represents natural hair culture, and Alyssa, owner of My Fluffy Puffs, a hair and skin care brand for minorities.

Within the natural hair movement there are two prominent groups: Naturals who focus on caring for their textured kinks and coils, and wavers who use specific techniques to create waves in their hair. The successful entrepreneurs designed the event to connect customers and supporters in one venue, after noticing the significant interest and engagement from young people via social media. Youth as young as 10 with followings of over 20K, are building small communities around diverse self-care practices.

“Best of Both Curls provides a safe space for young people to express their hair culture. Our event will happen in a different major city, annually,” says co-creator and founder of My Fluffy Puffs, Alyssa.

“This event purposely allows me to interact and connect with the community, sharing my vision through designs and apparel,” says co-creator and owner of For Wavers Only Apparel, Steve.

Patrons of the pop-up shop will receive swag bags, and one lucky guest will win a huge prize of one product from each minority vendor. Vendors opportunities are available.

For more information and for tickets, visit BestofBothCurls.com. Kids up to age 15 can enter the pop-up for free!

Follow @BestofBothCurlsEvent on Instagram for updates and giveaways.


About Best of Both Curls 2.0
The inaugural event was coordinated and organized, in just 30 days. Sponsored by Red by Kiss for men, it was held in Brooklyn, NY, in March, 2019, with over 120 people in attendance. Due to popular demand, Best of Both Curls 2.0 is now a permanent show with plans to travel across the country to unite all sub-cultures of the natural hair movement. It aims to solidify a community focused on health and building self-confidence.

About My Fluffy Puffs
Alyssa started My Fluffy Puffs as a way to ease the pressure of balancing her busy schedule. After running out of hair products, she decided to make her won. From that process, she developed a way to cleanse, detangle and style natural hair within one hour. Dual purpose products such as the Rhassoul Shampoo & Body bar and Twist Frosting with Biotin, maximize the time spent on wash day and daily maintenance. For more information, visit MyFluffyPuffs.com.

About For Wavers Only Apparel
Steve has been immersed in the culture of waving since the early 90s. He believes everything about you is a statement, thus his brand promotes positive and fluid expression of individuality. Through his love for waving, he infuses positivity, creative images and quality apparel that is designed to look and feel good. For more information, visit ForWaversOnly.com. My ideas are created simply for the love of waving, natural good, but designed to feel are created simply for the love of waving.


My Fluffy Puffs