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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Black-Owned Tech Firm Receives Patent For Wristband and Smart Watch Used For Non-Invasive Detection of Glucose and Pathogens

Smartwatch patented by Better Life Technologies

NationwideBetter Life Technologies Group, Inc., a Black-owned biotech firm based in San Diego, California, has been granted a patent for technology that will be used for the non-invasive detection of glucose and pathogens including COVID-19 and any variant. Their newest issued patent is US 10,959,651 B1. Accordingly, they may have applications for non-invasive cancer detection. This will be achieved by a wearable wristband or a smartwatch that integrates our revolutionary technology.

George McKinney, the founder and CEO of the company, comments, “The application for this technology is endless. Better Life is now ready to manufacture, sell, or partner with an IP firm to positively impact the healthcare system throughout the world. So we are pivoting to allow outside IP firms to participate in this revolutionary technology.”

He continues, “The goal of this transition is to develop the market-ready version of our technology which we believe could seriously curb the infectiousness of COVID. This version will be fully miniaturized and contain all the necessary wireless communication capabilities.”

Better Life Technologies Group, Inc. plans to obtain FDA approval and all the market certifications, as well as marketing a version of their technology that does not require FDA approval. This will be a licensable product that we can effectively market and mass produce.

McKinney continues, “For this phase, it’s imperative that we are partnered with an entity that can not only fund development monetarily but also assists with development technically.”

This stage will be the catalyst for the creation of several additional patents as well. This step is monumental in its own right and is broken down into 3 steps. Miniaturization, validation and going to Market which we will do in partnership with ready, willing, and able IP development firms that can move this process forward.

Finally, to sum it up, their device will detect the specific signature of any chemical composition in the human body ie., cancer, magnesium, calcium, hormonal levels, through our newly developed proprietary method of detecting gases as they are emitted from the epidermal layer of the skin in so doing we are able to measure its exact levels in of the blood from there, and there is no limit on what can be read and diagnosed.

For more details about the company and their products, visit BetterLifeTechInc.com

For press inquiries, contact betterlifetechnologies@gmail.com or 619-517-6729.