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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Black-Owned Technology Firm Seeks To Raise Funding To Build A Workable Ready-To-Market Unique Swim Safety System Prototype

— The product is designed to save children’s lives, especially African-American and Latino children who statistically drown at a much higher rate. —

Albert Jones Anti-Distress Device

Albert Jones Anti-Distress Device (AJADD)

San Diego, CA –- The tragic drowning of Albert Jones, a 7-year old boy, closely affected African American entrepreneur George A. McKinney, president and CEO of Better Life Technologies Group. As a result, in February 2014, he patented a swim safety system device, the “Albert Jones Anti-Distress Device” (AJADD) U.S. Patent #8,659,435 B2 – a device geared to making lives safer in every underwater situation around the globe.

McKinney has just kicked off an Indiegogo campaign – Saving Albert – in an effort to raise money to create the prototype for this new life-saving device which adds a layer of protection for potential drowning victims. It allows a swimmer to send and receive signals to and from a lifeguard or caretaker. Signals can be communicated via land or ship. So, if a swimmer is in distress, the swimmer can transmit vitality, or other needed information, to a lifeguard or caretaker.

“Our goal is to raise $360,000 to create a prototype for a product that will stem the tide of the nearly 400,000 people a year that die of drowning accidents, not counting the medical related injuries that may last a lifetime,” McKinney says.

Better Life Technologies Group is in talks with two different engineering firms, DK Engineering in San Diego, CA; and Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies in Tempe, AZ. Once funding is secured, one of the firms will be picked to move ahead with creating the prototype.

DK Engineering is a global product realization company specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of complex electro-mechanical products and equipment.

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies is the Southwest’s leading provider of engineering services and products for simulation, product development and rapid prototyping.

This life-saving device has gotten significant media attention and has appeared on NBC, BET News and KUSI’s Channel 9 in San Diego.

The applications of the AJADD could be far-reaching, including use in swimming pools, rivers, lakes and in the ocean. It could be used on cruise ships, oil rigs and by the U.S. military and is even applicable for patient monitoring in hospitals and at home.

“We have the technology and we have the schematic, now we just need the funding, and we are reaching out to the African American, Latino and other communities that it effects most to make it happen. There is no gift to small or too large that will not be appreciated,” McKinney says.

For more information about the Indiegogo campaign, visit:

For more information about Better Life Technologies Group,visit:
www.betterdesigntechnologies.com .

To view a product video, visit:
www.vimeo.com/87806730 .

To view an interview about this wearable technology on San Diego’s KUSI Channel 9, visit:
www.vimeo.com/94096752 .

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George McKinney
Better Life Technologies Group, Inc