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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beverly Broadus Green, Snoop Dogg’s Mom, Helps At-Risk Youth

— With new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign aimed at teaching youth entrepreneurship —

Beverly Broadus Green

Beverly Broadus Green speaks about her new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for YouthBloc, aimed at empowering at risk youth.

Los Angeles, CA — Beverly Broadus Green, an African American ordained evangelist, published author, public speaker, and mother of entertainer Snoop Dogg, has launched a 40-day crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for her latest project. An education-based social platform aimed at helping at risk youth succeed in school, in business and in life.

“I’ve spent the past 35 years working with youth, community leaders and at-risk youth programs around the country in an effort to keep our youth in school, and away from crime, jails, gangs, and early death,” said Beverly. “I’ve learned first-hand what our kids in the inner city need most; jobs, education and opportunities to earn money legally. It’s simply just not available on the large scale they need. So I’ve helped create YouthBloc to fill this huge void, and save countless young lives across America.”

In 2015, YouthBloc will premier as the first ever social platform uniting and educating youth and their supporters, to get to the root of these and other profound youth problems such as: escalating high school dropout rates, financial illiteracy, and devastating gang violence. More specifically, YouthBloc will teach youth fundamental life, job, and entrepreneurial skills through interactive lessons and virtual mentors; thus helping youth earn real income.

“Today, a large disconnect exists between youth and income generating opportunities. At a time when youth unemployment rates in America are nearly triple the norm, it’s no wonder more and more youth are getting in with the wrong crowds while trying to make money; causing over 90% of youth crimes in America,” said Sovante Brooks, age 17, Co-Founder of YouthBloc.

On April 15th, 2015, YouthBloc will be launching their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to gain support for the completion of the platform and raise awareness for the #YouthBloc movement. YouthBloc’s goal is to Unite, Educate, and Transform youth through entrepreneurship. “YouthBloc is being built from the ground up, but we need your help!” says Beverly. “Together, we can make a difference!”


About YouthBloc
YouthBloc is an online social education platform aimed at revolutionizing the way teens and young adults look and learn about the world of business. In an age where college tuition is skyrocketing and youth unemployment and dropout rates are following suit, YouthBloc provides an alternative to the everyday; by providing a safe, resource rich and entrepreneurial focused community for young people. Allowing youth unlimited anytime access to free educational classes focused on entrepreneurship and financial literacy combined with an innovative virtual mentor system (VMS). The VMS makes it simple youth to connect with caring professionals and community leaders, and receive positive feedback and on-going guidance. YouthBloc expects to launch in late 2015 and through its many offerings, the company expects to see a drastic reduction of youth crimes and unemployment in America, as well as a notable increase in youth entrepreneurship and inner city graduation rates.

To find more information on Beverly and her new YouthBloc project, visit www.youthbloc.com today and learn how you can help support her cause.

Alexander Grube