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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Black Designer Debuts Commemorative Coin to Celebrate Juneteenth National Independence Day

Beverly David Robinson, founder of the Juneteenth commemorative coin

Nationwide — Meet Beverly David Robinson, the founder and CEO of Juneteenth Unlimited, who has designed a commemorative coin that celebrates Juneteenth, a federal holiday inspired by the African Diaspora, Black American history, and the fight for freedom. Made of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, this inspirational coin is for anyone who wants a valuable keepsake to memorialize this significant new holiday.

June 19, 1865, marks the date that the last known African-American slaves were freed. As a result, it’s become one of the most important days in African-American history. This commemorative coin both honors and remembers the African-American forefathers and mothers who suffered throughout the history of the trans-Atlantic slavery system.

What makes it a fascinating coin is the use of a Swahili word – Nahuona: “I see you.” Careful thought and consideration were put into the use of this word. The concept may present one of the best ways to acknowledge empathy and compassion for our ancestors and for all humanity. Juneteenth Unlimited is also delighted to use a West African Kente textile art design. The reverse side has an image of Frederick Douglass, a former slave who became a famed abolitionist.

In addition to the holiday marking the last known day slaves were freed, Juneteenth serves to remind people that humans have an incredible capacity to heal and emerge from their darkest moments with hope and purpose. This coin represents how people had to rise from the ashes and acquire freedom.

Robinson comments, “Precious metals have proven to have financial stability throughout history. This coin will hold its value for present and future generations. It’s time to rejoice and celebrate history with one of these cherished coins.”

For more information about the commemorative coin, visit Nahuona.com

Juneteenth Unlimited works to raise awareness in the black community about the importance of owning precious metals as long-term investments. Please seek Professional Financial Advice for planning.

For press inquiries, contact 704-946-6090 or info@nahuona.com