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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Rap Song “We Rep Carolina” By Hip-Hop Artist, Big Youngstar, Explodes on the Internet

Big Youngstar

Big Youngstar, Hip-Hop’s Latest Viral Sensation Hails From Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC — With an extremely aggressive marketing campaign, Big Youngstar’s single and YouTube Video entitled “We Rep Carolina” was released on March 2, 2016, distributed universally, and in just under a week, exploded, and went viral with over 500,000 views and currently being shared across the internet at an astronomical rate.

The song and video is a rally cry of sorts and anthem, that seeks to include and inspire both North and South Carolina as well as gives a sense of pride to all of the faithful Carolina Panthers Fans all over the world…”We Rep Carolina” is all inclusive and seeks to unite and heal not cause further injury and divide; All of the aforementioned, we feel has contributed to the success of the song and video, while simultaneously bringing a social consciousness and awareness to both North and South Carolina.

Big Youngstar, Hip-Hop’s latest viral sensation, hails from Charleston, South Carolina and is also CEO and visionary of the first all-digital record company of the new millennium.

The Video Pays Tribute

Recently, the 9 innocent people of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, who lost their lives, took place in Charleston, South Carolina; years of subsequent fighting with respect to removing the Confederate Flag from atop the State House Dome, that has long been argued offensive to African Americans as well as other South Carolinians in the community and the state, and with the killing of unarmed African-American Walter Scott that was caught on tape, these recent events has not given Charleston much reason to be proud or happy while simultaneously shining a very negative, national spotlight on the beautiful city of Charleston.

Add to the fact, that the state of South Carolina has never produced a mainstream hip-hop artist or superstar, and the national attention given Charleston has been pretty negative in recent years; however, that has all recently changed with the emergence of Big Youngstar, an extremely talented and gifted hip-hop songwriter and music producer who is a native Charlestonian and has given the city cause to exert some pride while at the same time, projecting a bright, positive light on the city and state of South Carolina to the rest of the world and providing some inspiration.

About Big Youngstar

Big Youngstar is not just the artistic, creative face of the franchise; he is also the CEO, visionary and founder of HeeBroo Digital Music Group. He is from Charleston, South Carolina originally, but has resided in New York City and Southern California, respectively. He graduated college in May of 2012 by earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (Virtual Marketing Emphasis) with honors (Cum Laude) and is also an esteemed member of Sigma Beta Delta (International Honor Society). He then moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina where he currently resides. He is multi-faceted, multi-talented and possesses a genuine compassion and love for people that seeks to inspire, encourage, enlighten and teach others through his writing gift, by way of books, music, DVD’s, speaking engagements and eventually movies.

Ultimately, his desire is to try and make a difference in society, his community and help better the lives of those less fortunate through various programs and non-profit organizations to be determined. He is a trail-blazer, does not follow trends and has always marched to the beat of his own drum. He has no musical boundaries and is bound only by his creative mind. The sky is the limit for Big Youngstar and he is definitely seizing this moment and living in it. He is set to receive his Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, May of 2016.

The Big Youngstar trademark, brand and eventual franchise, transcends age, ethnicity, culture and religion. The brand will specialize in sports apparel to include, but not limited to everything from sports caps, t-shirts, sweat suits, hoodies, sweatshirts, sneakers, and other clothing/merchandise to be determined; with aspirations to one day rival other main, sports brands in the market.


Watch the Music Video below:


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