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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Controversial Bill Cosby-Influenced Shirts/Comic Strips Offend and Enrage Most

Alienz With Afros Bill Cosby Comic

Berlin, NJ — Bill Cosby gets goofed on again and again. This time in the vicious comic strips Alienz Wit’ Afros-Rape in His Eyes Part 1-8. But Cartoonist/Clothing designer Justin Serrette Jr. says he’s a fan of Cosby. Or at least was.

He comments, “What sucks about his alleged rape charges is that I already designed shirts and cartoons influenced by him, now what?”

One shirt design titled Soul Meoul (Soul Train) illustrates nine drawling’s of Serrette’s sadistic spin on different African American Shows. 3 of these 9 shows are Cosby influenced.

The most bizarre Is Fat Albert’s inspired Al’Ba’Pok’Ba’Lip’Tik’ Gansta’ S**t which is a blend of Fat Albert and the movie Apocalypse Now. In this drawling a man resembling Fat Albert is decapitated and his head stuck on a stick. Then there’s Theonator which kind of resembles Theo Huxtable from the Cosby Show as a Cyborg Assassin. Lastly is A Different Squirrel based off A Different World.

“Some folks are mad at me for making these shirts. Either their too perverse or because now it has anything to do with Cosby they don’t approve. But the shirts do have some positivity to them. I got a tribute for the late James Avery (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) on there,” claims Serrette.

Mortolkosbei is the first cartoon series about the history of Black Wall Street and slavery. Serrette may change the name. “Kosbei is a play off the name Cosby. And what’s crazy about it is that in a documentary film on Black Wall Street, Bill Cosby actually narrates. Briefly though.”

To see the controversial artwork go to www.Crazyafroanimation.com or Twitter @Alienswithafros. Serrette currently produces animated cartoons with Riley Martin who does radio on the Howard Stern Channel as well as voices on Cartoon Network. Serrette also backed Aaron McGruder (The Boondocks) on his movie Uncle Ruckus.

Crazy Afro Animation