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Friday, February 28, 2020

Actor Bill Duke and Other Black Notables to Headline Soul Wealth Summit, March 7-9, 2020

Other Black scholars and speakers that will be part of the program include Dr. Germaine Willams, Keidi Awadu, Ona Brown, and Ann McNeil.

Bill Duke to headline Soul Wealth Summit

Nationwide — When actor Bill Duke arrived in Atlanta for the filming of Black Lightning, a popular show on Netflix about a family of Black superheroes, he also had a chance to catch up with an old friend Je’-Ruji Hall and be featured on his upcoming virtual summit called The Soul Wealth Summit.

Hall and Duke met on the banks of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia in the early 70’s at a transcendental meditation retreat, where they had a chance to mediate with the late Halie Selassie.

According to Hall, its pretty ironic the way they met up in Atlanta because the Soul Wealth Summit brings together a group of extraordinary people like the family of superheroes. Each person on the summit brings a component of the secrets of living a life of WHOW (Wealth Health Opulence and Wisdom) he says and it’s like they have a superpower in that area. These “powers” combine make up wealth at the soul level. It’s a unique and holistic way of looking at wealth.

From Bill Dukes’ Wisdom For Life to Ona Brown’s Successology: How to Excel Beyond and Seeming Limitations and Ann McNeil’s Mastermind and Grow Rich plus over 20 others there is a wealth of in-depth knowledge being shared in a way that goes beyond the standard ways of presenting on such topics.

For people of African descent, Hall feels like this is imperative. Like the missing pages of our history, there are also people in our community doing extraordinary work that could uplift us beyond many of our challenges. He comments, “If we knew they existed and more importantly if we could connect the dots to see how the knowledge and skillset, they share collectively could help us win in the game of life, we would be a healthier and wealthier community.”

For many people, Je’-Ruji realizes that money is nice to attain but it is not enough. For true and lasting happiness, we need “Soul Wealth”. That’s why the summit was born; for those who want it all. Some people want to live a life of WHOW (Wealth, Health, Opulence and Wisdom), the Soul Wealth Summit is where that journey begins.

This is the historic message that Hall wants to share through The Soul Wealth Summit following this year’s Black History Month. “We too can have it all, if we access the right people and the right knowledge.” The Soul Wealth Summit, How to “BE” Wealthy, Healthy, Opulent and Wise, Living a Life of WHOW! is free to register for all on the quest of life mastery and is scheduled for March 7-9, 2020.

Je’-Ruji Hall is the founder of The Soul Wealth Summit, a first of a kind summit for those who want wealth and more. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Marcus Malcolm at (404) 720-8120 or go to www.thesoulwealthsummit.com to register.


Marcus Malcolm
(404) 720-8120