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Friday, August 28, 2020

Black Apparel Brand Owner Awarded Patent for Innovative Square V Neck T-Shirt Design

Blue Cavalz is now offering trendy unique Square V-neck T-shirt which has earned a USPTO patent for its cutting-edge collar design.

Melvin J. Teah, owner of Blue Cavalz

Nationwide — Rising Black fashion designer and inventor Melvin J. Teah Sr. has been awarded the prestigious USPTO patent for his breakthrough work in T-shirt design. A change maker by passion, Teah Sr. has come up with a unique “Square” V-neck T-shirt collar design which creates a whole new look altogether beating the traditional crew and regular V neck designs. These patented T-shirts are available in Teah’s own apparel brand, Blue Cavalz.

“It’s a moment of great honor for me to be awarded with the esteemed USPTO patent for my new Square V-neck T-shirt design. The T-shirt scene has been dominated by the same old crew and regular V neck designs for years now and I wished to create something new this time. My aim was to create a design that would be exclusive to my brand (Blue Cavalz brand) and would introduce a refreshing change in something as staple as T-shirt. Thus, the unique ‘Square’ V-neck was born,” says Melvin.

He continues, “No more boring and dated crew and typical V-neck t-shirts. The unique square cut looks smart, stylish, and also commands a universal appeal. I am glad that my thoughts have been appreciated by the leading figures and I am hopeful the new T-shirt design would be able to impress my fellow fashionistas as well. The Square V neck has now entered the ranks and I believe it will be your new go-to from now on.”

The innovative Square V-neck T-shirts on Blue Cavalz are unisex apparels and cater to both men and women. Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these shirts are available in a wide array of colors to choose from. In regard to size, customers will be able to choose from a broad spectrum of sizes, ranging from S to 3XL. The Square V-neck tees come in both full sleeve and half sleeve designs.

When asked about the inspiration behind the patented design, Melvin mentioned about his DIY experiment with an old V-neck T-shirt one morning. His goal was to create something that would be trendy, unique, and something that people would be able to relate to.

“I came up with the idea for the Square V-neck at 2am one morning after I had been thinking about how to come up with something that would resonate with people. I took one of my old V-neck T-shirts and cut out the neckline with a pair of scissors and then began hand sewing them back together to create the design. And thus, the Square cut came to the scene,” explained the designer.

Learn more at BlueCavalz.com


About Blue Cavalz
Blue Cavalz is a designer apparel brand borne out of the vision to bring in something new to the fashion scene. Added to t-shirts, the company also designs and offers a wide range of neckties and bowties. The brand’s aim is to provide comfort while building confidence. They believe that anyone can achieve greatness as long as they apply themselves in the right way; hence a hidden meaning in the name “Blue Cavalz”. “Blue” is a reference to blue skies. For Blue Cavalz, the sky represents infinite potential. The word “Cavalz” gives a nod to the Cavalla River that runs between three countries in Africa. The combination of the sky in conjunction with the never-ending flow of the Cavalla River illustrates an abundance of endless possibilities. Blue Cavalz’s clothing is designed to reflect “endless possibilities” for all.

For press inquiries, contact Blue Cavalz at 443-983-5853 or bluecavallaz@gmail.com

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