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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Outspoken Black Author, Dr. Claud Anderson, Answers 101 Black History Questions You Never Thought to Ask in His New Book

A Black History Reader by Dr. Claud Anderson

Bookcover and author, Dr. Claud Anderson

NationwideA Black History Reader: 101 Questions You Never Thought to Ask is a stunning, behind-the-headlines account of how America arrived at the racial tipping point where it finds itself today. In this brilliant book, Dr. Claud Anderson, best-selling author, noted political strategist and entrepreneur, explains why race is such an enduring problem in America and why the country is embroiled in issues of the Confederacy, slavery, immigration, athletes taking-a-knee and a myriad of issues based on race and racism. Written in a Q & A format, the book is an easy read and the 101 answers he presents in A Black History Reader reflect the unique background and perspective that will make this, and have made his other books, PowerNomics: The National Plan and Black Labor, White Wealth, national best-sellers and text books continuously for more than 20 years.

The author’s words jump off the page from the very beginning as he explains that a key purpose of the book “is to guide the reader through the nation’s Constitution-based social construct that established and fixed the racial relationship between Blacks and Whites from the foundation of the country.” In A Black History Reader, the answers are not based on traditional thinking, are often startling, always intellectually stimulating and engage the reader page after page. Some answers are whimsical and showcase Dr. Anderson’s noted wit to bring the truth home for both his new and loyal readers.

The following is a sample of the provocative questions Dr. Anderson answers in this new book:

* Why is there such hatred towards Black people?
* How did it become politically correct to exclude Blacks and Blackness?
* Where are the Black leaders?
* Is America now or has it ever been a color-blind society?
* Should Congress repay Black families the $50 million stolen from the Freedman’s Banks?
* Should Blacks ally with liberals or conservatives?
* What steps should Blacks immediately take to become a self-sufficient and economically competitive group in America?

Dr. Anderson is a bold thinker with exceptional ability to analyze historical patterns. He explains the increase in anti-black expressions since the historic 2016 election and excites a younger generation of blacks with the PowerNomics® concepts he developed as solutions to the race issue. In her PowerNomics Concert Tour, Hip Hop artist Lauryn Hill promoted Dr. Anderson’s work nationally and internationally. Her special concert guests included Nas, Dave Chapelle, Nick Grant and Chronixx and others.

Dr. Anderson’s professional experiences include a career at the highest levels of national and state government, managing national political operations, economic and business development, personal entrepreneurship and service in the Marines. In addition to his books and DVDs, his body of work includes Internet classes and his on-line videos have millions of hits.

A Black History Reader: 101 Questions You Never Thought to Ask is the work of a master skilled at leading his readers on thought-provoking and emotionally-satisfying journeys. Published by the PowerNomics Corporation of America, Inc, this book will clarify the issue of race and guide and motivate readers to take action to solve a problem that has damaged America for centuries. His books are available at www.powernomics.com.


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