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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Black Author Releases New Book on How to Maintain Going to the Toilet Twice a Day

2 Bowel Movements a Day by Clean Stomach

Nationwide — An African American author who goes by the name of C.S. (Clean Stomach) has released a new book entitled 2 + Bowel Movements A Day: A Natural Way to Maintain Going to the Toilet Regularly, Getting Rid Of Excess Waste, and Becoming More Lean. The book was inspired by his personal experience when he began experiencing unexplained weight loss and more than regular bowel movements.

He decided to write this book to help others who may be experiencing similar problems because he himself had family members who also had problem with their bowels – either they were irregular or they had problems with their weight, especially around the waistline.

The author says that his book offers readers a 5-6 step process on how to maximize your bowel movements so that you’re not walking around ‘full of manure’. The book is transparent and embarks on a unique detailed system that he says can help people all over the world who are dealing with digestive problems. The book offers a technique that not only helps with the loss of excess fat, but also brings relief to “those who aren’t using food for energy, but instead are using food for storage in their guts.”

2 + Bowel Movements A Day is available for purchase on Amazon

Follow the author via his blog at TheLeimertParkBlog.com or on Twitter @clean_stomach

For press inquiries, contact clean.stomach2@gmail.com