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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Black Business Launches Nationwide $16 Million Dollar Job Creation Initiative

— Healing Summer 2016 is designed to help heal the roots of racial wounds in the USA —

Let's Create Jobs

Albany, GA — TTTriumphant Enterprises 400, LLC, known as TTTriumph400, is launching Healing Summer 2016 as its inaugural 1619-2019 Healing campaign aimed at annually generating $16 million+ for job creation to help heal the roots of racial wounds in the USA. From now until Wednesday, September 21st, individual and organizational directory listings may be purchased for featured inclusion in TTTriumph400’s signature service, “The Annual Commemorative Anchor400 Roll Call Digital Directory Series.” This service honors the 400-year African American journey for humanity from 1619-2019. Order details are listed at www.16192019healing.net.

TTTriumph400 Founding Steward, Dr. Veronica Adams-Cooper said, “Creating sustainable jobs is a very effective way of participating in decreasing the economic and social distress for populations generationally suffering from the legacy of inequity resulting from the TransAtlantic Triangular (Enslavement) Trade.” In the USA, this legacy began during the colonial period in 1619 at Point Comfort, VA. She added, “As the 400-year milestone quickly approaches in 2019, the need has dramatically increased to address the distress. This urgency highlights the important role of TTTriumph400 and the Anchor400 in serving our nation during this pivotal time in our history.”

The Anchor400 represents the pioneers of today who wish to assist in creating a new economy, “Trade Transcending the TTET,” that aids in the restoration and healing of humanitarian imbalances now occurring as a result of the past. The Anchor400 is comprised of 400,000 or more persons and entities who annually purchase at least one AnchoR unit of services or products such as the directory listings. An AnchoR unit is $40 or 400 dimes, representing the 400-year time period. The ‘A R’ capitalization in ‘AnchoR’ reflects the acronym for, The Artesian Renaissance. The A R (pronounced, ‘Are’) is an asset-based concept for building a creative economy industry that consecrates, commemorates and celebrates the triumphant 400-year struggle of the African American population in preserving their humanity abrogated by the TTET and subsequent policies.

TTTriumph400 is a cultural heritage social enterprise startup. Initially established in August 2014 in Ga. and re-established in S.C. in 2015, TTTriumph400 will now be based online under foreign entity status in Albany, Ga., “The Good Life City.” This social business is a culmination of nearly 22 years of R&D conducted through training, work, and service experiences in fostering increased social equity through poverty reduction using community and economic tools in nonprofit, for-profit and academic sectors. In honor of forebears who never received salaries or benefits from their forced labor, the steward role (employee/member/owner) is not salaried and all profits are reinvested into the company for business expansion and investments to create additional jobs.


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