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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Young Black Couple From DC on a Mission to Help Entrepreneurs Build Wealth in Cannabis and Crypto

Tre'Von and Mercedes Dorsey, founders of CEED

Nationwide — 31-year-old Tre’Von Dorsey and his wife, 34-year-old Mercedes Teasley-Dorsey, are the founders of CEED, a Black-owned AI-backed, cloud-based digital ecosystem built to help other Black entrepreneurs and innovators start or pivot an existing business into the cannabis & hemp industry.

Based in the Washington, DC area, CEED, which stands for Community for Entrepreneurs Engaged in Development, is a platform that connects business owners to the resources they need to launch, grow, scale, and succeed. By 2052, Tre’Von and Mercedes plan to create three million new Black cannabis-aligned entrepreneurs.

The company’s plan includes building a dedicated Web3 community through the sale of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — or rare digital assets — whose members will receive access to exclusive voting & token holder benefits, a slate of related community projects, and a global ambassador program to encourage new, diverse growth in the industry.

“Building for future generations not only means passing on things that you’ve accumulated but also the relationships you’ve built in this lifetime. Not only does the CEED platform help you build your business and essential relationships but our NFTs offer utility, value growth, and community for lasting success and generational wealth,” says Tre’Von.

The company’s first NFT collection launches Friday, September 9th on the OpenSea crypto- currency-based marketplace, offering an exclusive Afrofuturist collection to the public. By crowd fundraising through NFTs, CEED seeks to empower the Black community in obtaining ownership in cannabis while expanding their collective understanding of emerging crypto-currency technologies and diversifying the investment and currency options of their token holders.

“While we’ve witnessed the effects that unchecked politics and capitalism have created in the industry, we’ve also seen the adoption of cannabis & hemp fuel change across various sectors including health & beauty, pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, green energy, transportation, and more,” shares Mercedes. “It’s time to shift the narrative and show the world what happens when we prioritize diversified ownership and accessibility to create companies rooted in community, culture, and collaboration.”

Join CEED’s email list for priority access to the upcoming NFT launch and other initiatives at https://demo.projectceed.io

CEED Inc is a Conscious Corporation that leverages smart technology to help build generational wealth through ownership opportunities in cannabis & adjacent industries. By fostering collaborative, community-focused partnerships, together we can realize Afrofuturism Powered by Cannabis™. Learn more and get involved at https://demo.projectceed.io

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