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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Black Entrepreneur Launches Healthguv – A Global Social Media Platform For People Who Share the Same Health-Related Interests and Concerns

— Just a click away – Healthguv brings a diverse range of health related subjects and entities at a globally accessible platform that allows quick and efficient flow of information. —

Joseph Creadle, founder of Healthguv

Joseph Creadle, founder of Healthguv

Nationwide — Healthguv is a website that follows a social media protocol to help people connect and become friends with people who share similar health interests and concerns around the world. This website was launched to provide people everywhere in the world an easy access to and a better understanding of an extensive array of health related subjects.

There are hundreds of people across the globe who browse through the internet everyday with the intent of finding specific information related to their health. Whether it’s about updating themselves on the latest trends of healthy living or learning more about a health condition they are suffering from – the internet happens to be their go-to resource for it.

However, problems arise when 90% of the time, they don’t find what they are looking for – this according to the Healthguv founder and CEO is where his website comes into play.

Talking to us about his unique venture, Joseph Creadle, the man behind Healthguv said, “I was once a part of the same crowd that turns to the internet to look for answers for health related issues they face. However, it soon became apparent that amid the vast pools of information available on the internet, it is difficult to locate or pick out the specifics of what you’re actually looking for. I realized there was a need to streamline this information and make it more precise in order to better cater the requirements of the people – and then it struck me that there could be nothing better than connecting two or more people experiencing the same health concerns or sharing similar health interests. That’s when I set to work on Healthguv.”

Today, Healthguv serves as a comprehensive health-hub for people from everywhere around the world, belonging to different age groups. It allows them to connect with other people and share their stories, experiences, treatments, remedies, and even opinions on various health care facilities and subjects.

Joseph Creadle sounded like a proud man when he announced, “We are constantly trying to make this platform as interactive as possible – we want it to be informative and fun. This is why Healthguv comes with features that allow users to upload videos and images, search for people with similar health conditions and interests, chat with them, and even post their reviews about doctors, hospitals, and other facilities and treatments.”

Maybe Creadle forgot to mention, but his brainchild also offers users a detailed blog section that is regularly updated with everything one might need to know in order to live a healthy, happy, and active life!


About Healthguv
Healthguv is designed to provide a flexible and interactive social platform to people to connect with others around the world. The website opens up a plethora of medical information, advice, and solutions coming from people’s experiences, expertise, and knowledge for its users. This health-hub uses a variety of features that allow people to communicate and interact with each other on a better level. For more details, visit www.healthguv.com


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