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Monday, October 30, 2017

Black Entrepreneur Launches Slumber Party Specialist Company With Personalized Options For Kids, Ladies Nights, and More

Brittany Harry, Founder of Sleepover Envy

Brittany Harry, Founder of Sleepover Envy

Montgomery, AL — The team at Sleepover Envy is thrilled to announce that their company is now open in Montgomery, Alabama. The new company is Alabama’s first slumber party specialist who will work with clients to create unique and unforgettable evenings.

“Slumber parties will never be the same,” says Brittany Harry, founder of Sleepover Envy. The company has confirmed that they will be offering a wide variety of themes for both boys’ and girls’ slumber parties. Clients will be able to choose from a range of themes, and they will be able to customize the fine details of their special evening.

According to Sleepover Envy, their sleepover solutions aren’t just for kids. The company will be serving up a range of solutions to cater to various needs. For instance, Sleepover Envy’s #HelloHeaven and package is designed to be tailored for ladies nights-in. The Sleepover Envy team can customize their services for unique needs, as well. Clients can even choose packages for “sweet 16” birthday parties, and Sleepover Envy can even tailor packages for safe sleepovers after prom.

The team at Sleepover Envy is excited to offer their services to the Montgomery area. While they are located in Montgomery, the Sleepover Envy team says they will be able to travel to select cities and states upon request.

Taking a step away from the usual party planner services, Sleepover Envy is focused on helping clients create unforgettable slumber parties. Solutions include special features ranging from lights, tents, party favors, and more. Clients can expect to receive a full-service experience when it comes to planning their sleepover.

For those seeking a special and unique celebration or night in, Sleepover Envy offers a menu of premier solutions backed by world-class client care, professionalism, and creativity.

Sleepover Envy is now scheduling appointments for consultations. More information can be found at www.sleepoverenvy.com


About Sleepover Envy
Sleepover Envy is Alabama’s first slumber party specialist, offering customized options for kids’ sleepovers, ladies nights, and more!


Sleepover Envy

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