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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

1,200+ Black Entrepreneurs to Convene at FraserNet’s Power Networking Conference In Maryland, July 5-7

George Fraser Assembles Global Black Leaders to Focus on Business Building and Financial Literacy in the Black Community

George Fraser, founder of the Power Networking Conference

George Fraser, founder of the Power Networking Conference

Washington, DCThe FraserNet, Inc. 2018 PowerNetworking Conference (PNC) will be held July 5-7, at the Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center, on the National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Top global experts during the conference will focus their attention on financial literacy, business development and wealth building through personal “subject matter” excellence, effective networking and collaboration in the Black community.

“Financial illiteracy is an American problem according to the Wall Street Journal, but it is 10 times greater in Black America,” explains Dr. George Fraser, President and CEO of FraserNET, Inc. “All the studies, surveys and statistics predict if nothing changes within our community we will be financially destitute and enslaved by 2053.”

Fraser added, “Thus, we must effectively and aggressively address financial illiteracy and building million-dollar businesses in Black America.” During the conference, Fraser plans to do both and will launch “our national ‘faith-based’ WINDS Wealth Building Centers and Curriculum with the goal of 10,000+ centers up and running by 2028.”

Fraser explained the curriculum will focus on a mindset shift of “instant gratification to delayed gratification” and the four pillars for the inter-generational transfer of wealth to include; proper management of accumulated wealth, real estate, business development and proper insurance.

The conference is bringing an impressive array of guest speakers and seminar presenters. One of those invitees is Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson, the founder and CEO of Be Someone Inc., a Stone Mountain, GA-based organization focused on teaching young people the principles of success by using the game of chess.

Hudson will tell the attendees they must invest in our young people If economic success is to be guaranteed. According to Hudson, “We need to be preparing the next generation of African American business leaders and entreprenuers. We are losing too many of our youth to a culture of follow instead of lead, take instead of give. As a result,” continued Hudson, “at-risk youths tend to walk with chumps instead of discovering the champ they have inside.”

Hudson will use the PowerNetworking Conference to urge the participants to take his messages to heart. “We must work together to save our young people. I for one,” he emphasized, “am tired of seeing so many Black youngsters destroy themselves by turning over their decision process to others instead of leading. Instead of looking for excuses, I teach them to look for solutions.” He adds, “Investing in our tomorrow – our children – is truly the wisest investment of all.”

The PowerNetworking Conference, is widely recognized as America’s largest continuous held conference in the world for Black executives, business professionals and entrepreneurs. This year, the PNC is expected to draw more than 1,200+ attendees from around the world. In 2015, the PNC was named one of the “Top 5 Can’t Miss” Conferences in America by Forbes Magazine. Since its inception, the PNC has produced over $750 million in new business startups and deal flow and has held 16 conferences across the United States.

For more details about the conference and/or to register, visit www.powernetworkingconference.com


About Dr. George C. Fraser
Dr. George C. Fraser is Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc., a company he founded some 31 years ago, to lead a global networking movement for people of African descent. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he was an orphan and foster child for 15 years. He’s written 6 best-selling books to include: Success Runs in Our Race, Click and recently, Mission Unstoppable: Extraordinary Stories of Failure’s Blessings, a book he co-authored with Les Brown. Upscale magazine named him one of the “Top 50 Power Brokers in Black America,” and Black Enterprise magazine called him “Black America’s #1 Networker.”


Orrin Hudson
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