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Friday, November 5, 2021

Black Entrepreneurs Host Virtual Summit Teaching Business Owners How to Increase Sales and Lead Generation

Speakers at the Big Push Virtual Summit

Nationwide — The Business Help Network, comprised of successful African American entrepreneurs, marketers, and digital strategists, is facilitating a virtual summit that will empower entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses. The Big Push: Q4 Summit will focus on business strategy, growth marketing, SEO & web design, eCommerce, and Shopify. The highly anticipated November 13th event seeks to educate and inspire business owners to continue to reach the next level of success by delivering profitable results.

Speakers include Lauren Lacey, Founder of Urban Business Directory, a full-service SEO and Web Design Agency and Black Business Directory, Troy Sandidge, a Global B2B Marketing Strategist and Founder of Strategy Hackers, Snatch Queen CEO Aneka Grandison, successful service-based entrepreneur and SEO Strategist Celese Williams, and Retail Business Strategist Chavonne Henderson aka The Real Bag Lady.

Now is the time for aspiring, new, and established small business owners and entrepreneurs to make smart data-driven marketing and business decisions that will help drive traffic, increase profits and generate leads to their business. The Big Push: Q4 Summit will offer numerous paths to achieve this success. The virtual event will be an experience where attendees will learn valuable strategies and tactics that will transform their business.

“We are passionate about uplifting businesses and empowering entrepreneurs to grow to the next level in their business. The Q4 summit will combine our marketing and entrepreneurial experience and insight into a jam-packed three-hour event that every entrepreneur should attend,” says Lauren Lacey of Urban Business Directory.

The Big Push: Q4 Summit will be held on Saturday, November 13, 2021, 1pm to 4pm EST. Registration is open and attendees may purchase their conference pass or VIP pass via the event website at BusinessHelpNetwork.com or reach out via email for sponsorship inquiries.

For press inquiries, contact info@businesshelpnetwork.com