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Monday, March 25, 2019

Black Female Entrepreneur/ Therapist Launches New App to Improve Mental Health Through 1-on-1 Connections

Alicia Tetteh, founder of the ATTUNE app

Alicia Tetteh, founder of the ATTUNE app
Photo Credit: Jonathan Cooper

Charlotte, NC — Alicia Tetteh, founder of a mental health and therapy organization, Building Endurance PLLC, has announced the launch of the company’s first mental-health focused all-mobile experience app, ATTUNE. Available this February, on iOS and Android devices, ATTUNE app will directly connect consumers to mental health and wellness providers for free.

ATTUNE helps consumers locate therapists matching their needs and health conditions. Therapists can connect directly with potential clients through the app, building trust through one-on-one interactions. ATTUNE users have the opportunity to communicate within the app through direct messaging and call services.

Use of the mobile app and its capabilities will help build a bridge between the millions of people seeking mental health assistance and close the gap between providers and consumers. Consumers can now easily and simply access care across the country through ATTUNE.

“My purpose in life is to decrease the stigma around mental health,” says Alicia. “Every project I touch is backed with that same purpose. ATTUNE means to make receptive or aware. This mobile application was created with that in mind and connect consumers to services our community so desperately needs.”

Features on ATTUNE mobile app include:

* A new innovative health and wellness experience: Users can interact, share, and build relationships with providers and consumers like never before.

* State of the art location technology: Attune includes geo-tagging technology and filtered searches for users to find health assistance within their community.

* Exclusive Therapist Hub: Built-in community for therapists to connect, collaborate and engage with other qualified medical professionals.

The ATTUNE app will launch on February 1, 2019, on all mobile platforms and will be free to the public. Therapists and consumers can sign up for additional information and rewards by visiting www.getattune.com/en/


About Owner Alicia Tetteh, Building Endurance, PLLC
Building Endurance, PLLC aims to help service the community through individual, couples, and family therapy. For over 10 years, owner Alicia Tetteh continues to help clients identify their strengths and to use them to address the challenges they face every day. Alicia Tetteh is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and maintains a private practice in Charlotte, NC. To learn more about Building Endurance PLLC and the ATTUNE app, visit www.buildingendurance.com


Building Endurance, PLLC

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