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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Black Female Founders Create New Sorority for Women Who Attend Online Accredited Colleges and Universities

Backed by a string of celebrity well-wishers, founders Hildra Anna Jeanetta Starks and Stephanie Robinson introduce the Beautiful Jades of Sigma Chi Psi Sorority Incorporated. Now accepting new members!

Hildra Anna Jeanetta Starks and Stephanie Robinson, founders of Sigma Chi Psi

Baltimore, MD — Women attending accredited online college and university programs now have a new way to network with the introduction of the first one-of-a-kind sorority, Sigma Chi Psi. The sorority, whose members are also known as “The Beautiful Jades of Sigma Chi Psi”, aims to provide sisterhood for women pursuing their higher education aspirations online.

“For some women, attending online classes can be a very isolating experience. These women who are wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters are also often attending to careers and families while bettering themselves through continuing their education online. With all that goes into earning a degree, it’s a shame to lose out on the bonds that come from getting to know your fellow students and the networking opportunities that often arise from those relationships,” said Dr. Hildra Anna Jeanetta Starks, co-founder of the sorority.

“That is what motivated me to found the sorority. Even though they are attending school virtually, women still deserve to build deep bonds with their classmates, participate in social and charitable events, and band together to harness their collective networking power throughout their careers.”

A Trifecta of Sisterhood, Charity, and Life-long Friendships

Sigma Chi Psi’s mission is to provide an organization for women receiving their education online to share the bond of sisterhood that a sorority is known for, in addition to giving them away to collectively participate in charity events and establish life-long friendships. Incorporated in 2019, the organization encountered some temporary delays due to COVID-19 in 2020 but kept pushing towards its goals and started its first student-approved chapter at Strayer University in October 2020.

The sorority is a privately-owned non-profit organization founded by collegiate women, Hildra Anna Jeanetta Starks and Stephanie Robinson.

“As our education system continues to evolve with the world’s technological advancements, more and more people may choose to get their education online, leaving a gap in their social experience. We want to continue the many benefits of the sororities and fraternities that have been around for hundreds of years,” said co-founder Stephanie Robinson.

The founders envision the sorority as a Greek space to connect with others who share common ideas and interests and who are looking to socialize to take a break from their busy demanding lives.

Currently, Sigma Chi Psi is comprised of students from various online universities with student-approved chapters, not university-approved chapters. The organization is working towards becoming the first recognized collegiate sorority for accredited online universities.

Celebrities Bring the Well Wishes

The sisters of Sigma Chi Psi, also known as “The Beautiful Jades of Sigma Chi Psi Sorority” received an inpouring of celebrity well-wishes as they welcomed their seventh line of new initiates into their organization. In a Facebook watch video, actors Ashley Argota and Taye Diggs along with singer T-Boz of TLC and R&B singer Mya wished the women well and added words of encouragement to cheer on the efforts of the organization as they seek to accomplish their mission.

“Sending lots of love your way, encouraging you all to keep pushing in your journey through every obstacle, every test, every speed bump, every discouraging moment,” said Mya. “Cause I know how it can get and just remember that it’s not about the cards that are dealt with us but how we play our hand…Life is certainly full of its ups and downs and it don’t stop. So lean on each other and the sisterhood that you do have and in your faith and in your fight, and apply that pressure, because teamwork certainly makes the dream work!”

Power in Unity

In the organization’s introductory video, artist Egypt English shared a powerful poetic manifesto that reflected the group’s aspirations through a voiceover that said: “Scholarly jades of unity. We are the women you want to be. The elite that can’t be beaten. Mint, green, lavender, and oh so sweet orange-gold. We are the selected. We will remain bold. We are committing to serving others through the charity work we do. We will genuinely bond with sorors old and new.”

Throughout their journey to becoming a collegiate-recognized Greek sorority, the founders continually emphasize the need for socialization in online programs. Sigma Chi Psi will not only provide networking and charitable opportunities to bridge the social gap but social support as an “essential pillar of success and personal happiness.”

“Sigma Chi Psi has offered me bonding opportunities with other women attending online universities while serving my community! That is something that I don’t get from my online courses,” noted one sister. “We can form a bond with women from all over the country and we get the joy of seeing those relationships develop over a lifetime.”

In addition to the sorority for women attending accredited online programs, the organization is also working on a brotherhood, Gamma Sigma Gamma, Inc. The fraternity was established in January of 2021 and currently is in development. They are accepting applications.

For information about Sigma Chi Psi sorority and to enquire about membership, visit SigmaChiPsi.org

To learn more about Gamma Sigma Gamma, Inc fraternity for men attending online accredited colleges and universities, at GammaSigmaGamma.org

About Sigma Chi Psi
Sigma Chi Psi (Also known as SCP or The Beautiful Jades of Sigma Chi Psi) is a collegiate Sorority that accepts members from across the United States and abroad. Membership depends on meeting certain requirements. First-term students, undergraduates, graduates, faculty members, and alumnae can apply. Their brotherhood, Gamma Sigma Gamma was established on January 10th, 2021, and accepts online students and students attending technical colleges.

For press inquiries, contact (443) 331-9122 or support@sigmachipsi.org