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Monday, February 8, 2016

Black History Being Made By Atlanta-Based Sneaker Company

Tarik Edmonson, founder of Sneakerscustom.com

Tarik Edmonson, founder of Sneakerscustom.com

Atlanta, GA — Black History Month celebrates the contributions and accomplishments that African American trailblazers have made in the world of sports, politics, music, education and business. Now, a new generation of black history makers are stepping up to make their contributions to this proud and continuing legacy. One such history maker is entrepreneur, Tarik Edmondson, owner & CEO of the sneaker company – Sneakerscustom.com. In less than a year, this Atlanta based company is making a big impact with its’ fashionable, athletic footwear by selling worldwide through its’ own innovative wholesale distribution pipeline.

Contrary to traditional business models, the sneakerscustom.com products are not available thru stores, like Footlocker, Athlete’s Foot or Finish Line, but thru independent wholesalers and from the website; www.sneakerscustom.com. By using today’s technology, anyone with the entrepreneurial drive can be a part of making Black History in the 21st Century, by becoming a wholesaler of this fast selling product line. If a consumer just wants to purchase a pair of these unique sneakers to add to their sneaker collection, they can order from their cell phones, tablets or their laptops.

“The response has been global,” says Tarik. “I’ve had calls from all over the world; Kenya, Nigeria, France, Canada, Namibia, The U.K., and the Caribbean.” The first product launched by Sneakercustom.com is a beautiful black canvas sneaker with red & green trim that’s an instant eye-catcher. The Red, Black & Green sneaker is quickly becoming a favorite for conscious African-Americans in the USA, Caribbean and even the United Kingdom.
Practicing the principles of Ujima, which means “cooperative economics” Sneakercustom.com will empower anyone who has the aspiration of being an entrepreneur. “We’re helping to empower entrepreneurs and organizations in the community with our sneakers, which in turn generates income and pride back to the community,” says Tarik.

The Sneakerscustom.com wholesale program enables entrepreneurs to get involved in a fast growing business without a huge investment. The wholesale program offers 50 custom sneakers for $1,000 USD. Each sneaker retails for $40 USD, which allows the wholesaler to make a profit of $20 USD per pair. All interested affiliates can visit the web link (www.affiliatly.com/af-10807/affiliate.panel) for instructions and to sign up

Sneakerscustom.com is growing rapidly with new, ambitious people joining the team. Always on the cutting edge, Sneakerscustom.com has several new sneaker designs ready for 2016. To learn more about our line of products visit www.sneakerscustom.com or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


About Sneakerscustom.com
Sneakerscustom.com designs, manufactures and distributes custom sneakers and athletic footwear for men and women. Started in 2015, consumers can order direct from the company website or become authorized wholesalers. For more information, contact Tarik Edmonson for wholesale orders & more information (www.sneakerscustom.com/products/rbgs).


Tarik Edmonson
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