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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Black History Matters! Celebrate Black History With a Reflection on the 100 Years Leading Up to Barack Obama Winning the Presidency

A Reflection By Karen Sloan-Brown


Nationwide — At the end of the historic tenure of a black president and the recent resurgence of “white supremacy,” there is no better time to reflect and remember the journey of black people in America over the last century. It has become evident that a large part of the United States wants to go back to the “good old days” and reverse the progress that has been made in this country. This heightens the importance of knowing the history to combat those who seek to rewrite it. George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Dr. Karen Sloan-Brown’s book, A Reflection: What a Difference a Day Makes, What About 100 Years? is a contemporary black history book which presents a decade by decade examination of the course of Black Americans from living with Jim Crow in 1909 to Barack Obama in 2009. Her book is an intelligent but easy read, informative as well as entertaining while covering a broadly based range of subject matter. Every reader will find a decade in which they can identify or relate to. Her goal was to look back over 100 years and take note of the progress and changes that have taken place in the aspects of black life in the United States: leadership, business and personal finances, thinking and aspirations, culture, values, attitudes, and how they have affected the quality of life and personal growth for African Americans today, as well as the catalysts for change.

Sloan-Brown’s book highlights the trials and the triumphs, along with the missteps, of how black people have evolved economically, socially, educationally, politically, and artistically? Who were the leaders, who was a hero, what was the role of the church, how were black people living, where were they living, what books were they reading, and who were the black athletes, artists, and the entertainers. The book focuses on Black life in the United States before and after the Civil Rights Movement sensing the mood of the people in those eras and how they affected the fight for racial equality and overall progress for African Americans today.

Dr. Karen Sloan-Brown, is the author of several books, the non-fiction PSST: Please Somebody Speak the Truth, Educating the Nation on a Shrinking Budget, and six novels, including The Fortunes of Blues and Blessing, Searching for Everland, and A New Season: The Fortunes of Blues and Blessings Book Two. She is currently the Research Lab Coordinator of the Molecular Biology Core Facility at Meharry Medical College. She lives with her husband and daughters in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more at www.karensloanbrown.com


Karen Sloan-Brown