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Monday, February 11, 2019

Just in Time for Black History Month, New Platform Brings Afrocentric Events to You

Black history event

Nationwide — A new event platform called frocentric connects Black and African people within diaspora to events that are ‘Afrocentric’ in nature.

After understanding that larger, well known ticket sites do not have a problem listing and taking money from right-winged, anti-Black organizations, Wilson, 40, the founder of frocentric started building his own platform.

Even with a background in both programming and digital marketing, it took over a year to take frocentric from concept to launch.

He said, “I built frocentric from the ground up with the aim of serving the black experience by creating a common hub where people can find similar events in one place. The true value of any event or meetup is what you received from attending. However, the energy surrounding the website where you buy your tickets is just as important as the message.”

With the slogan ‘Find Events that Matter‘, the concept of frocentric is more than just an event marketplace, but a platform geared towards promoting events that channel the black experience through activism, business, music, culture and arts.

Artist and promoters can now sell tickets or showcase free events to a more captive audience, especially during black history month and beyond. The aim is to take back and re-focus our creative energy so that a larger ripple effect can be created. frocentric gives organizers the power to create that ripple effect.

Wilson continued, “The response we have received so far has been fantastic as it’s easy to understand what we are trying to do. However, we still need more support from organizers who want publicize their event to an audience who will be responsive to what they have to offer.”

For change to occur quickly, we must all be united towards a common vision and we must also seek out platforms which allow our voices to be heard undividedly. This is true whether the message is business, music, art social or networking.

For more details about frocentric events, visit www.frocentric.com or contact Wilson at wilson@frocentric.com or (678) 500-9114.