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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

20 Black International Entrepreneurs Join Forces to Launch an Online Business Growth Event, ‘Onyx Wealth Summit,’ to Aid Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Onyx Wealth Summit

Tampa, FL — While torn by the events causing havoc on Hurricane Harvey victims, entrepreneur Sam Bell III decided to do something. “I called up two of my closest friends, Ron Douglas and Justin Burns. Then I asked them, flat-out, what can we do about this? That’s when then idea was born to launch this event, bring together some amazing entrepreneurs, and give back to the victims of Hurricane Harvey,” he says.

According to Bell, the upcoming Onyx Wealth Summit aims to be different. The online event will be held between September 4-8, 2017, and participants will get to see and hear over 20 Black business leaders sharing their insights and experiences of achieving success.

What could have been a $5,000 event is now absolutely free! “The Onyx Wealth Summit is not merely a business event, it’s 20 Powerful Entrepreneurs who decided to take action and see who they could save, whose lives they could touch, whose child can they stop from crying,” adds Bell.

Hosted by Monique Johnson of the Onyx Wealth Mastermind, some of the best experts in building wealth and cash flow will be accessible for five days. Among other things the event will focus on growing business income, attracting new online customers, inviting new buying clients, offline marketing, cash sales, podcasting, and how to buy and sell a business cheaply.

There are rules of playing the game of business, and there are rules of success. The latter are hardly taught or disclosed, but the Onyx Wealth Summit will lay them bare. This event will offer a rare peek into the mindset required to become a million dollar entrepreneur. Participants will get to learn from real experts how to succeed online instead of doing a cookie cutter job. There will also be failures to learn from, so that no one has to spend years making the same mistakes. There will also be step by step processes to learn, like How to Break the Facebook Money-Code, and much more.

The event will include experts such as Alicia Lyttle, International Business Development Maven; Sam Bell, Paying Customers Attraction Specialist; Ron Douglas, a marketing wizard who has sold over 1.5 million books including a New York Times Best Seller; and Justin Burns, a Chicago software tycoon responsible for multi-million dollar close door deals.

“We’ve been able to get together 20 of the top experts to talk about everything you need to build more wealth into your life. You’ll learn everything you need to finally enjoy a 4 hour work week, thriving 6 or 7 figure business, and make a global impact on the world,” says a representative for the Onyx Wealth Summit.

For more information, please visit www.onyxwealthsummit.com/#section-5


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