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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Black & Latinx Homeowners Marketplace Brings Equality to the Table for Homebuyers and Sellers

New online platform aims to help Black and Latinx real estate buyers and sellers connect with trusted local professionals

Black and Latinx family homeowners

New York, NY — Inequity in the racial divide can be found in the real estate industry, where nearly two-thirds of real estate agents are white and race determines home values more today than thirty years ago. For prospective Black and Latinx homebuyers and sellers, the marketplace can be a difficult and challenging arena to navigate.

The newly launched Black & Latinx Homeowners Marketplace aims to change this by seamlessly connecting potential homebuyers and sellers with top Black and Latinx real estate professionals in their city.

The online platform is Black-owned and operated and has partnered with leading Black and Latinx real estate professionals across the country to create a network of trusted real estate agents and brokers. For those who are selling a home, the network’s contacts can help ensure a fair price for their property.

Homeownership is a key for generational wealth, according to the team at Black & Latinx Homeowners Marketplace. “Whether you believe in keeping Black and Latinx dollars in our communities or simply feel more comfortable working with someone from a similar background as yourself, we can help,” said the team at Black & Latinx Homeowners Marketplace.

The marketplace is free to use for prospective real estate buyers and sellers. To use, visitors simply complete a search form to find a pro to help them buy or sell their home. As buying a home is typically one of the largest investments in someone’s life, it’s important that they have an agent on their side that they can trust to help them navigate the challenging home buying process.

Real estate professionals who are Black or Latinx can join this extensive network to help people in their communities grow through real estate investment. More information can be found at BlackandLatinxHomeownersMarketplace.com

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