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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Black Lifestyle and Business Expert Has New Focus For 2016 — Launches New Webinar Series For Women and Teens

LaQuita Sharee Lewis-Poole

LaQuita Sharee Lewis-Poole, author and lifestyle & business coach

Coppell, TX — Entrepreneur and lifestyle/ business coach, LaQuita Sharee Lewis-Poole, has announced the launch of a new webinar series that renews her focus on helping women and teens, especially those of color, to create a mindset that allows them to fulfill their dreams of a passionate and meaningful life.

Her qualifications include 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, coach, and writer as well as certification as a youth and family coach. Mrs. Lewis-Poole’s many clients have experienced how with the right frame of mind and goals aligned with their true desires anyone can achieve the business and personal life of their dreams.

New to this year, Mrs. Lewis-Poole has put together a series of live webinars as “makeovers for the mind.” Participants will discover how to make significant changes in their business and personal lives. Minorities, and black women and teens in particular, experience a constant barrage of negative messages that get internalized into self-limiting blockages. Mrs. Lewis-Poole will work with participants to build a new foundation of taking proactive steps in creating a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Based on her well-received book, Exit Strategy: How To Go From Where You Are Now To Where You Desire To Be In 90 Days, the webinars provide the keys to unlocking personal as well as financial success for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone wanting more out of life. The series includes Mindset Makeover, Business Makeover, and Lifestyle Makeover. It is provided through LSLP Global Empowerment, LLC founded by Mrs. Lewis-Poole.

Lewis-Poole offers lifestyle and business coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs and women who desire to create a life they love on their own terms while building a legacy for their families and children. She also offers youth and family coaching through her private coaching practice. Summing up her goals for the new series she said “I have the honor of giving my gift back to the world through coaching, speaking and writing. I get to bring my talents, skills, experience, and my passion together as a lifestyle and business coach and use it to help other women and youth who have a dream sitting dormant in their lives. My goal is to teach, inspire, motivate, and empower women to take control over their futures by embracing their true desires and living a life of freedom, luxury, and celebrity on their own terms with no limits.”

Combining the Exit Strategy book with the Makeover webinar series participants develop the mindset as well as goal-setting skills for success, and receive the guidance and accountability also necessary to get real results.


About LaQuita Lewis-Poole
An entrepreneur herself, Mrs. Lewis-Poole is the founder and CEO of LSLP Global Empowerment, LLC. She has founded several other companies as well: Lifetyme Events, LSL Media and Publishing, Making an Impact Counseling Services, Teen Mothers Second Chance, and Teen Parent Resource Center. Through these companies she has created well over a dozen courses and coaching series.

Her prior work includes being a Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist, Certified Case Manager, Juvenile Detention Officer, LADC Psychotherapist (US), and a Permanency Planning Case worker. LaQuita Lewis-Poole has a MA in Criminal Justice Administration and dual certification as a Life Coach and Youth & Family Coach with over 15 years of experience.

LaQuita Sharee Lewis-Poole is a homeschooling mother, wife, and tenacious entrepreneur. She was born in Oklahoma City, OK but now resides in Coppell, TX. She is currently working on her second book, Break the Money Curse, due in the spring of this year.


About LSLP Global Empowerment, LLC
The company was formed to provide transformational high-quality programs in the form of books, eBooks, courses, live events, and live group coaching webinars. Its goal is to support women entrepreneurs who desire to serve their community, build a legacy for themselves and their families, and make a meaningful impact in the world around them. For more details, visit www.lslpglobalempowerment.com


LaQuita Sharee Lewis-Poole

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