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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Focusing on Black Male Leadership, Rodney C. Burris Graces the Cover of Speakers Magazine

Rodney C. Burris on the cover of Speakers Magazine

Nationwide — The September issue of Speakers Magazine is proud to feature a speaker from Baltimore, Maryland who is driven to share his skills, talents, and wisdom. When Rodney C. Burris first began his speaking career over 15 years ago, it was simply an effort to generate more income. Who knew that a few years in during one of his perfunctory speaking engagements, a brief conversation with a meek and mild high school kid would become a defining moment towards Rodney recognizing and embracing his real superpowers.

In the brevity of that quick conversation, what stood out is that despite a language barrier, Rodney’s delivery had such an impact that the student was in tears. Rodney had given this student not only hope for his future but also a roadmap to becoming different and better.

Looking back, if beating the odds had a face, it would have been that of Rodney. Statistically speaking, he wasn’t supposed to make the achievements he has made. Yet, he has and he did. Considering his circumstances and his background, theoretically, he was expected to continue the cycle. He didn’t. Not only did he not continue the cycle, but he also got off the cycle and ran, which is the name of his signature book and leadership training program.

Most people are happy overcoming challenges and living a quiet life, but Rodney knew lessons he learned were best served if shared with others. Thus, he created workbooks for others to position themselves in becoming different and better. As a Leadership Development Trainer, the programs Rodney developed have been praised and used in both the private and public sectors for years around the country.

Readers will learn how this humble man filled with humility and purpose makes him an emotionally engaging speaker.

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“We are grateful to have a variety of dynamic cover stories that features outstanding and gifted speakers. September continues with the tradition by featuring Rodney C. Burris who is a man with clarity and focus who can inspire, motivate and encourage others to become a better version of themselves,” said Pam Perry, publisher of Speakers Magazine, which is an award-winning publication for Black speakers.

“Rodney, who graduated from my Branding Accelerator Program, brings the same level of energy whether he is speaking in a classroom, a hotel ballroom, or on the app, Clubhouse. His presence is electrifying and he raises the level of excitement wherever he is speaking,” added Perry.

In addition, this issue also includes speakers who have what it takes to build their brand into a successful entity that navigates strategically in the marketplace.

To read the current issue, visit SpeakersMagazine.com and download it free and watch the embedded videos of all the speakers.

Watch the interview with Black Speakers Network, writer Cier Black and Pam Perry (special appearance by Yolanda Spearman):

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