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Monday, November 23, 2015

New Relationship Book Says For African American Women, the Rules for Love and Marriage Are Different!

The Black Manual by Dr. Shane Perrault

Bookcover and author, Dr. Shane Perrault

Nationwide — In his new book entitled, The Black Manual – Less Drama, More Love: A Single Woman’s Guide to Choosing Mr. Right, Dr. Shane Perrault, PhD, Marital Psychologist, makes some very interesting claims about Black women. He says, “Single, divorced or widowed, Black women are three times more likely never to marry, twice as likely to divorce, and are significantly more likely to earn the lion’s share of the family’s household income.”

But while Steve Harvey and Hill Harper started The Conversation about dating and marriage in the Black community, Dr. Shane’s book provides insider tips, skill building exercises, and unique psychological theories designed to help you lose Mr. Wrong and choose Mr. Right.

Founder of African American Marriage Counseling, Dr. Shane has provided relationship and marital therapy for 15-25 couples a week since 2004.

As an author, psychologist, and speaker, he achieves the impossible: using laugh-out-loud humor, piercing insights, and proven methods.

Dr. Shane breaks down complex male/female dynamics, communication and personality challenges — delivering essential relationship advice in a way that will empower your audience to get it (and enjoy the ride). He will help begin to take crucial steps toward having more fulfilling and healthier relationships.

Dr. Shane received his PhD from Ohio State University, and has appeared in the Washington Times and Post, Ebony and Essence, XM Radio, TV One and BET.

The Black Manual – Less Drama, More Love: A Single Woman’s Guide to Choosing Mr. Right (ISBN: 0692518665) by Dr. Shane Perrault is currently available at Amazon.com and www.TheBlackMAN-ual.com


AVAILABILITY: Washington DC area; nationwide by arrangement and via telephone or Skype; also available as a last-minute guest.

Possible Show/Story Ideas
Dr. Shane is ready to discuss:

1. Common mistakes smart women make when choosing Mr. Wrong – and how to avoid him
2. Five tools every Black woman should have in her dating toolkit
3. Rules of engagement when you earn more
4. Three stages of healing from infidelity
5. When Mr. Right’s circumstances make him Mr. Wrong: game changers vs. deal breakers
6. You’ve found Mr. Right, now what? Date, move in, move on, or marriage
7. How to blend your family


Dr. Shane Perrault, PhD