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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Black Men Run Launches the First Mobile Running/Fitness App Conceived, Designed, and Developed By African Americans

— Available now for the iPhone in the Apple AppStore —

Black Men Run App


Atlanta, GA — The release of the Black Men Run running app for the iPhone in the Apple AppStore is a groundbreaking moment for not only fitness, but also technology. With its innovative and cutting edge design the Black Men Run app offers exclusive features that cater to all runners and provides a welcome alternative to existing running/fitness applications. Along with letting users track all aspects for their runs (distance, pace, splits, etc.) users will notice a lot of small nuances that don’t exist in mainstream running applications like streaming radio stations and exclusive DJ mixes.

The Black Men Run app is socially tied to the larger Black Men Run community and users will be rewarded for using the app with special contests and exclusive product offerings. The app also has a unique functionality that allows the user to adjust the skin (color/design) of the app to match their Black Men Run merchandise and a leaderboard where runners can see how they stack up again other runners creating a friendly competition.

The founder of Black Men Run, Jason Russell, who helped to design the application is enthusiastic about the opportunity to promote the mission of a “Healthy Brotherhood” in the mobile/digital space and hopes to bring in a large number of potential new runners to the activity that he loves. Mr. Russell states “I have been using other running apps for years racking up thousands of miles with no tangible rewards.” The Black Men Run is looking to change that trend in future releases actually rewarding users with “BMR Points” that can be used for a variety of items and discounts. Mr. Russell goes on to say “It will also be exciting to see how users enjoy the social media interaction that the app allows and hopefully you will start to see Black Men Run app screens replace those from Nike+, MapMyRun, RunKeeper, etc. in your social media news feeds.”

From a technology standpoint, the Black Men Run app is a game changer since it is first running/fitness app created for a running group that was conceived, designed, and developed by African Americans. Diverse Mobile, an Atlanta, GA based mobile application development shop, created the application in house with feedback from members of Black Men Run. The CEO and Lead Developer for Diverse Mobile, Mr. Brian Roberson, stated that “Like Black Men Run was founded out of necessity, the BMR app was built with that same sense of urgency”. Brian goes on to say “With the fact that global high tech companies like Apple, Google, and Twitter have been releasing extremely disappointing numbers around African Americans in IT, it was our job to show that we can build technologies that reach the masses having a positive impact on our community and the beyond.” Mr. Roberson believes that “While the Black Men Run app is cutting edge and can compete with any running app on the market; the story around an African American male creating a mobile application for an African American male oriented running group is the biggest takeaway. It is time for minorities to develop the skill set to create applications for us and by us”.

A sampling of the Black Men Run app features are listed below:

* Track all details of your run including distance, pace, mileage time splits, and run history.

* See your name in lights on the Black Men Run leaderboard to see how you stack up against other runners from around the country.

* Obtain “BMR Run Points” for running with the app that are redeemable for merchandise, contest entries, and one of a kind prizes available ONLY to people who use the application.

* Track calories burned during your workout based on your weight to provide the most accurate results.

* Stream 5 HBCU radio stations that include Savannah State, Tennessee State University, Morgan State University, Alabama A&M, Clark Atlanta University, and live HBCU sports broadcasts from the Heritage Sports Radio Network.

* Access your iPhone music library and playlist during runs and stream exclusive DJ mixes (BMR Radio) during your runs directly from the app.

* QR code scanner for additional BMR point collection opportunities at national races and events.

* Ability to instantly share run information that includes map, location, and distance on Facebook and Twitter.

* Voice selection (Male or Female) to motivate you during your runs.

* One click access to purchase Black Men Run merchandise.

* View/track weather and temperature during your run along with viewing a 3 day forecast.

* Ability to find BMR group runs in your city and add them to your calendar.

* Ability to view Black Men Run training tip videos by an RRCA Certified Coach through the app. New videos added frequently.

* Ability to purchase in app skins to change the background color of your BMR app.

Future releases of the Black Men Run app will include city/team based running challenges, an In-App chat room creating a social network of runners and development tying the app to Apple’s HealthKit. The Black Men Run app will be integrated with HealthKit allowing users to share fitness information with participating physicians. This connection and the information exchange that will occur positions the BMR app as the primary mobile gateway to health and wellness for its users. Diverse Mobile has also started to create an extension for the Black Men Run app to work with the Apple Watch upon release of the hardware in 2015.

The Black Men Run app can be found in the Apple AppStore by searching for “Black Men Run” or clicking this link – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/black-men-run/id879979855?ls=1&mt=8 .The Black Men Run app is currently available for the iPhone only and can be downloaded by anyone interested in improving their health/fitness. The goal of the app is not only for our runners to log miles but to create healthier families and communities.

About Black Men Run
Black Men Run Inc. is an independent running group focused on the mission to promote a healthy lifestyle among African American males through participation in recreational running activities. Black Men Run Inc. is not affiliated with any other running organization and the Black Men Run logo is the sole property of the organization. All questions should be directed to info@blkmenrun.com. Research shows that among Blacks age 20 and older, 44.4% of men have cardiovascular disease and in 2009 Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) caused the deaths of 21,051 Black males. Black Men Run believes that running/jogging can change these alarming trends and are here to encourage African American males to get out and be active. Studies have shown that running on a regular basis not only benefits individuals from a physical standpoint but also increases mental sharpness. Additional benefits of running on a regular basis are boosts in confidence and reduction in stress levels and depression.

Jason L. Russell, Black Men Run, Inc.