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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Black Mermaid Wall Decals Give Parents Options For Decorating Their Children’s Bedrooms

Black Mermaid Wall Decals

NationwideCuties Like Me has recently launched a new product, Black Mermaid Wall Decals, exclusively on Amazon.com. This is the first time a young girl with dark skin can own mermaid stickers that look more like her own image. Designed by Larissa Marantz, a freelance illustrator in California, these colorful, removable wall stickers bring a magical underwater world into any child’s bedroom or play space.

The inspiration for the Cuties Like Me brand came along when company Co-Founder, Cara Lynn Garvock was researching mermaid birthday party supplies online, and was struck by the lack of racial diversity: “Everywhere I looked I saw pale-skinned mermaids with long flowing blonde hair. That’s fine for you if those physical characteristics represent your daughter, but if they don’t, you have very few options. As a Mom, I feel that every little girl should be able to have a party theme or decorate her room with items that reflect her own image.”

This set of 46 vinyl decals contains 3 curly-haired dark-skinned mermaids (approx. 11 inches long) with dolphins, seahorses, turtles, fish, plants, and other marine life. With this new product, children of color can have fun wall decor and see faces that look more like theirs.

“This is not about filling a hole in the marketplace,” says Ms. Garvock, “it’s about providing parents and caregivers of young girls and boys with options that can help reinforce identity and self-love.”

Cuties Like Me was founded by Cara Lynn Garvock and Christopher Brooks, two parents in Nova Scotia, Canada, who have 4 almost-adult children between them. Cuties Like Me products are available in the USA only, through Amazon.com.

For more information and to receive a 20% discount code, go to www.CutiesLikeMe.com, or search for ‘black mermaid wall decals’ on Amazon.com.

Also, follow the company on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CutiesLikeMe/ or Instagram at www.instagram.com/black_mermaidssss/


Cara Lynn Garvock
Cuties Like Me

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